Government focus on law and order

Will Hodgman,Premier

Elise Archer,Attorney-General

All Tasmanians deserve to live in safety and free from the impact of crime, which is why in Parliament this week the Hodgman Liberal Government will focus on legislation designed to protect the community.

In line with our election commitments, this week in Parliament we will:

  • Debate our Bill to provide for mandatory minimum sentences for those who commit serious sexual offences against children;
  • Introduce new legislation to target those who seriously assault frontline workers; and
  • Debate our Bill to provide for mandatory minimum sentences for those that seriously assault off-duty police officers.

Sexual crimes against children are utterly abhorrent, and the community expects that sentences for this type of offence are commensurate with the gravity of the crime.

That’s why we are taking action to amend the Sentencing Act 1997 to introduce mandatory minimum terms in relation to adult offenders, including a minimum of four years imprisonment for the rape of a victim under 17 years.

These changes were previously blocked by Labor in 2017, but we again successfully sought a mandate for them at the State Election in 2018 when we were returned to government.

We also remain committed to ensuring that those who seriously assault frontline workers, including our ambulance officers, nurses and midwives, medical orderlies, hospital attendants and correctional services officers, face mandatory jail time.

Our legislation to be introduced would ensure offenders face a minimum six-month prison sentence, in keeping with the seriousness of their crime.

Labor voted against this legislation when it was last in Parliament, and we call on them to finally support our frontline workers and back this important Bill.

We will also proceed with our commitment to ensure off-duty police, who are targeted because of their occupation, have the same protections as officers who are assaulted at work. Again, this is a move that Labor has previously opposed.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to protecting those who protect us, and ensuring that sentences for serious offences match community expectations.

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