Hodgman in denial over women’s jobs emergency in Launceston and North-East

  • Jobless numbers for Tasmania still disastrous
  • Women and regional Tasmanians worse off
  • Will Hodgman continues to do nothing
  • The Hodgman Government is failing to stand up for women’s jobs in Launceston and the North-East.

    Labor force figures today confirm that unemployment rate for women in Launceston and the North-East has increased by 40 percent since the election.

    Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Jobs and ICT Michelle O’Byrne said that Will Hodgman was in denial over his failure to protect and grow jobs.

    “In the past 12 months 1870 women in Launceston and the North East have lost their jobs,” Ms O’Byrne said.

    “This is made even worse by a declining participation rate, which has fallen three percent in the last year and indicates that women aren’t just jobless but they’re also giving up looking for work.

    “Will Hodgman promised before the last election to deliver the lowest jobless rate in the country, but what we are seeing are jobs being destroyed.

    “Will Hodgman must stop denying he has a problem and tell Tasmanians how he plans to fix the state’s appalling jobs figures.”

    Michelle O’Byrne MP

    Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Jobs and ICT