Illegal Dumping of Rubbish

Members of the public brought this matter to City of Ballarat’s attention this morning.

As is standard practice, the City of Ballarat will clean up the site and go through the material to seek to identify the offending parties. The City of Ballarat will look to prosecute if it can identify the offending party.

There are penalties under the Environment Protection Act and City of Ballarat local laws that require the offending parties to rectify the situation and/or pay a fine.

In relation to the regularity of illegal dumping, the City of Ballarat works with other state agencies to monitor this and take action where it can to minimise this occurrence.

To assist the community in being able to dispose of rubbish and household goods effectively, the City of Ballarat uses initiatives such as Half Price Mattress Week and other disposals schemes and programs through the Ballarat Transfer Station.

The City of Ballarat continues to maintain the annual provision of tip ​​​​​​​vouchers for the community to make it as convenient as possible for parties to act as responsibly in the disposal of rubbish.

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