Israel’s basic human rights are being violated

The treatment of Israel Folau by Rugby Australia is a profound violation of human rights, especially religious liberty and freedom of expression.

Sophie York, Senate Candidate for the Australian Conservatives, proposes a solution to the problem created by over-reaching Codes of Conduct.

She will push for a ‘Protected Freedoms Bill’ which will render void any Codes of Conduct, and any State or Federal Laws which reduce our freedoms.

Section 116 of Australia’s Constitution says that the Commonwealth shall not make any law prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.

No Code of Conduct should ever be able to secure greater power to itself than the people have given, in our democracy, to our State and Federal Parliaments.

Israel Folau has been found to have committed a high-level breach of Rugby Australia’s Code of Conduct. This ruling opens the door for his sacking. This would affect his livelihood and his reputation.

It is unthinkable that this pressure is coming as a personal result of his faith in Jesus Christ, which he boldly shares publicly on his social media pages.

This is an SOS to Save Our Senate and Save our freedoms.

VOTE Sophie Our Senator

Sophie York Senate Candidate for New South Wales

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