Jaensch will not answer questions in dangerous child safety cover up

Tasmanian Labor
  • Straightforward questions require straightforward answers
  • Jaensch doesn’t understand his very serious responsibilities
  • Liberal Government maintains its shameful record in child safety
  • Child Safety Minister Roger Jaensch has refused to confirm serious claims that some of Tasmania’s most vulnerable children are not receiving the intensive care and support they have been allocated on his watch.

    Although confirming in Budget Estimates today that 62 vulnerable Tasmanian families were supposed to have been in the care of the Liberal Government’s Intensive Family Engagement Services (IFES), Minister Jaensch could not – or would not – confirm that critical support had been delivered.

    “The media today has featured horrific stories of children who were badly injured or died when they were supposed to be subject to this intensive support, questioning whether they in fact received that support,” Shadow Child Safety Minister Josh Willie said.

    “But Mr Jaensch – who as Minister is responsible for these children’s welfare – does not know the answer to that critical question or if families are currently receiving the levels of support they need.

    “This is an unacceptable, dangerous, ignorant position for a Minister who holds one of the most critical roles in government – to provide care and support for children in potential danger.

    “It defies belief that he is so out of touch with that responsibility that he has taken his eye off of those children.

    “Roger Jaensch has absolved himself of his very important responsibilities.

    “Families accessing intensive services are in crisis and if those services are not being delivered, it is creating dangerous situations that are completely unacceptable.”

    Josh Willie MLC

    Shadow Child Safety Minister

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