Legal Warnings Save Dingoes, Native Wildlife and Dogs from 1080 Poison

1080 Legal Action and Resources

The social media site 1080 Legal Action has successfully stopped the use of 1080 poison adjacent to private properties in three States of Australia saving thousands of domestic dogs, native wildlife including Dingoes from a cruel death.

After service on intending baiters of a 1080 Legal Toxic Trespass Notice and display of a No Toxic Trespass sign at the front of properties, baiters are reportedly abandoning baiting plans.

The 1080 Legal Action was commenced by a Victorian Lawyer. Information on the 1080 Legal Action website claims that the service of the Notice and Sign give fair warning to any intending baiter that if a crow or fox carries a bait on to a property and loss and damage are suffered, a property owner may have the right to sue for Toxic Trespass claiming any loss and damages suffered. Either way, the Notice and Signage is working.

If a number of property owners were affected this could give rise to a Class Action against any baiter if a Notice had been served and a Toxic Trespass sign displayed and loss of animals happened because of the baiting.

Claims by the poisons industry that the use of 1080 poison in Australia is needed to protect from stock loss have been strongly argued against as being overrated and simply untrue due to alleged stock loss figures being disputed as “misleading and deliberately inflated by the poisons industry”

This has led to ongoing dispute between the poisons industry and property owners who do not want to be forced into using toxic poisons like 1080 and PAPP on their properties against their wishes.

Poison 1080 kills domestic dogs by thousands each year, native wildlife including threatened species, native Dingoes, birds of prey and goannas.

1080 Poison is not target specific.

Other false claims that 1080 is made from the gastrolobium plant found in small pockets of Western Australia and that native wildlife are therefore immune are described as “completely false and misleading”.

The free Notice and artwork for the Sign are available from the website from


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