More funding for brain cancer research in Canberra

The ACT Government will invest in brain cancer research to improve patient access to clinical trials and access to new treatments here in Canberra, with the aim of improving survival rates.

We will commit $600,000 over three years to the Australian Brain Cancer Mission to support projects based in the ACT, further helping Canberra to become a national leader in medical research.

Minister for Medical and Health Research Meegan Fitzharris will make the announcement this evening at the Brain Tumour Alliance Australia’s launch of brain tumour resources.

“The month of May is Brain Cancer Action Month and I’m really happy to announce today that the ACT will commit $600,000 towards brain cancer research,” Minister Fitzharris said.

“One of the most exciting clinical projects happening here is the role genomics plays, providing hope and improving patients’ outcomes with the development of novel treatments.

“This funding will go towards pre-clinical and clinical research, exploring novel genomic mutations involved in the progression of brain tumours and helping patients to access clinical trials and new treatments here in Canberra.

“It is not known what causes brain cancer; it appears to occur randomly and this is why we need to invest in research. For the vast majority of people with a brain tumour, no outside cause can be clearly identified.

“By investing into the Australian Brain Cancer Mission, we are contributing to a national pool of funding that is designed to enable patients to take part in clinical trials. This is extremely important to advance treatments and improve survival rates, especially since brain cancer is the biggest cause of death amongst Australian children.

“The ACT Government is proud to work alongside a number of organisations in our community who are so dedicated to funding research into brain cancer, and I hope this funding will provide some hope to families affected by this terrible disease.

“All of this research collectively will contribute to rapid discovery of new therapies, tools and technologies that can be translated into practice, prolonging the lives of people living with brain tumours and improving the quality of life for patients and their families,” Minister Fitzharris said.

The Australian Brain Cancer Mission is a $124 million plan to double brain cancer survival in ten years. At the COAG Health Council meeting of 12 October 2018, Health Ministers agreed to support the work of the Australian Brain Cancer Mission.

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