National Lottery reveals most bizarre requests from winners who scooped the jackpot


One man who worked as a butcher insisted on serving customers with their Christmas turkeys despite pocketing £1.6 million

A Lotto winner who scooped £35 million calmly told Camelot bosses not to bring round the cheque – until decorators had finished work on his house.

And another lucky player, who won a £1.6m jackpot , worked as a butcher and insisted on serving customers with their Christmas turkeys on the day of his big payout.

Others splashed out on bizarre dream purchases with their newly-found fortunes, such as a new Hoover and an electric cheese grater, according to lottery advisor Kathy Garrett.

She’s been helping £50,000-plus winners for more than five years, whether or not they opt for publicity.

One winner splashed out on a state-of-the-art grater after their big win

“A man won £35 million recently and he had the decorators in so he didn’t want me to come over until the work was done,” she said.

“He was the most chilled out person about winning.

“Quite often the champagne bottles are open when I arrive.

“I went to pay out to a syndicate at 10am and I could hear them when I got out the car because they were celebrating in the garden.

“People want to buy all sorts of strange things but the cheese grater was the most unusual thing. It’s just something they could splash out on.

“There was a £1.6m jackpot winner who ran a butcher’s shop.

“He had to go out to sell a turkey every couple of minutes – he didn’t want to let anybody down even though he had just become a millionaire.”

A £35m winner asked lottery staff to wait until decorators had finished before coming round with his cheque

Kathy is not allowed to play the lottery herself because she works for Camelot but that has not stopped her thinking about what she would do with a few million pounds.

She said: “If I won I would love to help my kids – it’s my dream to just support them.

“I can’t play so the pressure is on my mum to win. But I just love being part of that winning experience – I see what a difference it makes to people’s lives.

“The best thing about a big win is the choice it gives people to do things and make life a bit better.”

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