New Apple iOS release to help boost battery life

– Some of Apple’s iOS updates don’t warrant the instant 15-minute lockout of your device, but the latest improvements should help boost your battery life, Digital Spy said.

The company’s Night Shift feature, which provides users with a warmer palette of display once the sun goes down (it’s science), has had some teething problems – alongside the battery-saving Low Power Mode.

But no more. With this glorious update, the synergy and peace among Apple features is once again restored — for now, at least, Digital Spy said.

This will come as welcome news to those who initially enjoyed the iOS 9.3 perk, only to have it cruelly snatched away in later updates.

If battery saving isn’t your deal, then there’s also a few more tweaks offered for your iPhone and iPad in the fresh upgrade.

The most notable of these is the correction to audio drop-off when pairing with Bluetooth gadgets.

“But we’d like to give a shout out to those of you who had been experiencing problems typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kanta keyboard. Now, you can live to write another email.

The guys at Apple have also wiped out a few bugs with this latest sweep, but we’re expecting even bigger things when iOS 10 is introduced at WWDC next month,” Digital Spy said.