New report shows large numbers of people with mental health conditions are not transitioning to NDIS

Mental Health Coalition of SA

A new Report released today shows slower than expected numbers of people from Commonwealth mental health programs have successfully transitioned to NDIS.

This has heightened concerns that the Commonwealth allocation to Continuity of Support funding will not be adequate to support the number of people currently in these programs who will not be able to access the NDIS.

‘Transition support for people in the three Commonwealth mental health programs ceases at the end of June 2020 and it is unclear what will happen to those who may still be waiting for their application to be approved by this date,’ said Geoff Harris Executive Director, Mental Health Coalition of SA

‘The current rate of transition is around 25% of the total number in the program and suggests that a significant number will not have transitioned by the end of June 2020,’ he continued.

It is unclear what will happen to these people as the alternative support to the NDIS for these people (Continuity of Support) is limited.

The higher than anticipated number not getting into the NDIS to date has raised concerns regarding whether the support for people who are unable to get into NDIS is going to be adequate.

One factor that is significant in the lower than expected numbers transitioning is what appears to be a higher than anticipated number of people choosing to not apply for the NDIS.

The Report is the result of a collaboration between the University of Sydney and Community Mental Health Australia. The data is national was provided by 31 organisations who collectively were providers of 61 Personal Helpers and Mentors, Partners in Recovery and Day to Day Living programs to 8162 people with mental illness across the country.

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