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Cardiac arrests in young people – what causes them and can they be prevented or treated?
Cramming cities full of electric vehicles means we’re still depending on cars – and that’s a huge problem
Australian and US universities make breakthroughs in quantum computing and additively manufactured materials
Being Anglo-Saxon a matter of language and culture, not genetics
Precision medicine becomes more accessible for Australians w
USC women’s team shoots into basketball finals
Recycling robot could help solve soft plastic waste crisis
COVID-19 revealed flaws in Australia’s food supply
Myths and stigma about ADHD contribute to poorer mental health for those affected
Researchers receive prestigious NHMRC awards
Save date: Sydney Cardiovascular Symposium, 9
Monash, BiVACOR-led consortium to develop and commercialise world-first durable total artificial heart
$11.7 million investment in research to reduce medication harm
$6.7m funding boost to reduce medication harm
Former APPEA Vice Chair receives Queen’s Birthday honours
Air conditioning unnecessary in majority of heatwave conditions globally
Young Australians and COVID-19: more depression and anxiety, but less alcohol-related harm
Backlash against TikTok’s bee lady not justified, say bee experts
Scientists take home Young Tall Poppy Awards
Top tier business schools join forces in first-of-its-kind partnership
Tapping into Australia’s ageing workforce: insights from recent research
Health benefits of low protein-high carbohydrate diets depend on carb type
Other Portrait
University of Sydney launches Sustainable Investment Strategy
Sydney 38th in world in QS rankings
Health impacts neglected in major infrastructure planning
What are side effects of Pfizer vaccine?
Honorary doctorate recognises David Mortimer
Eating out accounts for over a third of young people’s diets
Low-pH system developed by University of Toronto researchers recycles more CO2 into valuable products
From smallpox to polio, vaccine rollouts have always had doubters
Welding Safety at forefront of new research
Lung cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy reveals new treatme
NSW spearheads key COVID-19 vaccine research
Passing acid test: low-pH system turns CO₂ into products
$8 million for strategic grants research
Why menstrual leave is a hot-button workplace issue
Gained weight after losing it? This could be culprit
They saved a dog’s life by donating
Inductions for no medical reason linked to short and long term adverse impacts for mothers and babies
Revealed: men and women do think and act differently
Australian Government saddened at passing of James Crawford, Judge of International Court of Justice
Overweight or obesity worsens liver-damaging effects of alcohol
Call on WA Government to commit to making tobacco control a priority
World-first multiple sclerosis global image database launched
We need to prioritise teachers and staff for COVID vaccination – and stop closing schools with every lockdown
Artificial intelligence pioneers awarded honorary doctorates
WORLD MS DAY: Australians encouraged to reach out and help address MS social isolation