New study finds eating eggs daily is not linked with stroke risk

A new study has debunked common myths and found that the humble egg may help keep blood pressure in check and is not associated with stroke risk.

The University of Eastern Finland study released this month confirmed that daily egg consumption is not linked to blood pressure or stroke, and in fact, may possibly be beneficial. The study adds to existing evidence that eating eggs could actually protect against high blood pressure, and indicates the benefits extend even to those genetically susceptible to the effects of cholesterol.

HOW? There are specific peptides found in egg white and phospholipids in egg yolks that help blood vessels widen, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. Eggs also contain antioxidants which help to reduce oxidative stress, further reducing blood pressure. Regulating blood pressure helps to keep the blood (and therefore oxygen and nutrients) flowing freely around the body and to the brain.

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