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Drug that lowers blood sugar also reduces blood vessel dysfunction caused by aging
Gene-targeted approach may help prevent or recover neonatal brain injuries
Scientists Unravel Inducement of Non-specific Occurrence of Multidrug-resistance
Blood adenosine levels as potential biomarker of white matter disease
Researchers grow plants in soil from Moon
Regular blueberry consumptioncould help lower risk of dementia
Scientists Detect Common Fungicide in Pregnant Women and Children
Smoke from wildfires ages in atmosphere
Higher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk
Research preserves memory, offering promising new basis for active immunization against Alzheimer’s
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
EMFs, calcium and Alzheimer’s
Injectable stem cell assembly for cartilage regeneration
Changing Channel on Stroke Treatment: Novel Technology Provides New Path to Prevent Neuronal Death
Vitamin K2 Repairs Nerve Cells via Mitochondrial Quality Control Loop
New approach enhances muscle recovery in aged mice
Role of genes in prenatal responses to air pollution
Research demonstrates benefits of strawberry extract consumption
Molecules produced by cells in response to stress may be indicators of various diseases
Antioxidant, inflammation levels may reveal new diagnostic tool for breast cancer
Device directs sperm to ‘go against flow’ to help infertility
Obesity during pregnancy affects baby and placenta – but impacts vary depending on sex
Daily coffee may benefit heart
Globins – on hunt to protect your liver
Researchers discover that anti-malaria drugs can fight pulmonary disease
Gene could prevent Parkinson’s disease
Viral inhibitor of cellular stress response shows therapeutic potential
How sperm protect their membranes from oxidation: comparison of species
Compounds that suppress immune responses of plants discovered
All organisms produce methane
Night and day difference: Circadian clock may protect aging eyes
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span in mice
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span
Early menopause may raise risk of dementia later in life
How can researchers, journals, funders and universities work together to improve research quality
Placenta may hold clues for early autism diagnosis and intervention
Versatile synthesis of organic compounds from ascorbic acid
Research finds likely link between mitochondrial dysfunction and age-dependent cognitive disorders
Eating prunes may help protect against bone loss in older women
Oregon State researchers identify potential new means of slowing neurodegenerative diseases
Recent papers in ACS Bio & Med Chem AU
Exploring “prune effect” – nutrition research delves into bone health benefits of prunes
Team discovers link between sugar metabolism
A healthier heart can protect your brain too
Macrophages in artery wall ‘smell’ their surroundings
Research suggests possibility of vaccine to prevent skin cancer
Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Severity of Covid Illness
Boosting one gene in brain’s helper cells slows Alzheimer’s progression in mice