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Sleep apnea increases risk of sudden death, cardiovascular conditions
Towards more affordable analysis of air pollution
Genome of photosynthetic animals decoded
Urban areas with high levels of air pollution may increase risk of childhood obesity
Powerhouse of cell has self-preservation mechanism
Relationship between chromosomal instability and senescence revealed in fly Drosophila
Methylglyoxal detoxification deficits causes schizophrenia-like behavioral abnormalities
5-minute breathing workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition in animal models with Alzheimer’s
Toxicity of protein involved in Alzheimer’s triggered by a chemical ‘switch’
Differences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease research
Study links sleep apnea in children to increased risk of high blood pressure in teen years
Cognitive care using medicinal plant peptides
Tai chi shows promise for relief of depression and anxiety in stroke survivors
Study of hyperhomocysteinemia in rats elucidates tracks to treating migraine
How tumor cells counteract oxidative stress for survival and proliferation
Target protein identified for improving heart attack treatment
Melatonin was shown to protect kidney damage caused by obesity with diabetes
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprising Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Weight-loss treatment prevents accumulation of lipid linked to cardiac mortality
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprsing Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
A complex link between body mass index and Alzheimer’s
Maternal stress during pregnancy may shorten lifespans of male lizard offspring
Symbiotic Bacteria In Root Cells May Be Key To Producing Better Crops, Rutgers Study Finds
Turmeric Component May Help Improve Cholesterol, Lessen Statin Side Effects
Thin and brittle bones strongly linked to women’s heart disease risk
Journal publishes research review by TTUHSC pharmacy investigator
Engineering T cells to attack cancer broadly
Protecting babies’ brain development in pregnancy
Scientists cast new understanding of how skin repairs itself
First of Its Kind Study Links Wildfire Smoke to Skin Disease
Higher mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer
Simple treatment during pregnancy can protect baby from memory problems in later life, study in rats suggests
Cellular impact of ‘Heat not Burn’ products may be no less harmful than cigarettes
GlyNAC improves strength and cognition in older humans
Important advance in research on future drugs
Particulates are more dangerous than previously thought
To Keep a Sharp Mind, Start Thinking of Heart Health in Your 20s
How we tackle obesity epidemic needs to change
Genomic and epigenomic analyses reveal speciation in mole rat populations without sharp separation
Increasing Glutathione Levels Lowers Alzheimer’s Pathology and Improves Cognitive Decline
Air pollution linked to heightened risk of progressive and irreversible sight loss
Examining Therapeutic Targets for Kidney Disease
Antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E Linked to Lower Risk of Parkinson’s
For moms, oxygen during childbirth often unnecessary
Anti-inflammatory drug reduces vessel disease in diabetes
La Marató 2019: UB’s science supports fight against rare diseases
Researchers identify an action mechanism for a drug against Alzheimer’ disease