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Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reveals Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Pathophysiology
Sorghum Yields Can Be Boosted on Salty Soils
Many Genes Linked to Resurrection Ability
UofT Researchers Reduce Vehicle Non-Tailpipe Air Pollution
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
How Extremophiles Push Limits of Life
Enzyme ATE1 Implicates in Cellular Stress Response
New insight into brain ageing for treating neurological diseases
Nanoplastics Can Affect Metabolism
Oxygen Groups Unlock Graphene’s Antimicrobial Potential
Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B Vol. 13, Iss. 2 Out Now
FDA Approves First Drug for Friedreich’s Ataxia
Research Finds Zika May Fight Prostate Cancer, But Risk of Side-Effects
Scientists Synthesise Cerium Mineral for Biomedicine Research
New Insight Into Healing of Articular Cartilage After Injury
Studies Show Effects of Static Magnetic Fields on Biosafety
Researchers Develop Effective Model for Leigh Syndrome Caused by Genetics
CHOP Scientists Create Effective Pre-Clinical Models for Leigh Syndrome
Antioxidants Boost Monoclonal Antibody Production: New Therapeutics Hope
Food coloring, anti-caking nanoparticles may affect human gut
Severe Fatty Liver Linked to Liver Damage: Mechanism Explained
Center for Health in Aging announces 2023 pilot project awards
Brain’s Immune System Worsens Epilepsy
Engineered Spinal Tissue Guides Drug Delivery to Treat Injury
Research at Heart Research Institute Could Transform Pregnant Women’s Care Worldwide
Strawberries Linked to Heart Health Benefits
Breastfeeding Cuts Arsenic Exposure in Infants of Contaminated Areas
Donor Hearts Reprogrammed for Longer Storage, Better Transplants
Mites Not So Bad After First Look: Red Color Tricks
Black Adults At Higher Risk Of Stroke Due To High BP Linked To Lifestyle
Black Adults at Higher Risk of Stroke Due to High BP: Study
Combined Steroid, Statin Treatment May Reduce Preterm Baby Accelerated Ageing: Study
Corn Waste Yields Antioxidant-Rich Nutrients: New Extraction Method
Common antidepressants can increase antibiotic resistance
Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Have Weaker Bones & Teeth
Coffee with milk may have anti-inflammatory effect
Coffee + Milk: Potential Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
PhD Dissertation Examines Risk Factors of IBD
Prenatal Pollution Linked to Lower Cognitive Scores in Infants
Unveiling Brown Rice’s Nutritional Benefits: Unlocking Its Chemistry
Dark cost of being toxic
Cellular Changes Seen in Elderly After Resistance Training
Heart Foundation calls for import ban of nicotine e-cigarettes
Heat, Drought Affect Global Food Security: Review
Increased Coffee Drinking May Lessen Diabetic Liver Disease
Weekend Warriors’ Exercise Recovery Boosted By 69% With Daily Almond Intake
Expanding radiation research at Queen Mary University of London
HKUMed: Angong Niuhuang Wan Can Enhance Stroke Treatment