People Power for our Planet: NZCTU calls on employers to release staff to support Climate Strike

Working people across Aotearoa are standing insupport of the Student Strike for Climate (SS4C) on Friday 27 September.

“We are calling on employers to supporttheir staff who want to take action for the planet. Climate change is an issuewe all face, and we need to work together to find urgent and significantsolutions. Employers, unions and all working people should discuss how they canparticipate in this strike and show the students we support them in a call fora better healthier planet,” CTU President, Richard Wagstaff said.

“Our young people are to be celebrated.They are leading the way in demanding we implement solutions to climate change.The best way we can respond this week is to join them on the street and show wecare about climate change as much as they do.” Wagstaff said.

Sophie Handford, organiser with SS4C, isthrilled to have unions on board. “It is so great that union members aresupporting us. Union members know the power of collective action – so it makessense that they would get why we are doing this. After all there are no jobs ona dead planet.”

“People power for our planet is what willmake the difference. That’s why working people in Aotearoa will be joining withthe global union movement in supporting Climate Strike events in the week of 20– 27 September.Working people in union are clear and determined that we need ajust transition to good jobs in a zero-carbon economy, and that transitionneeds to start now,” Wagstaff said.

“Climate Change is a result of the factthat too many people have made decisions that have focused on money over what’sgood for people and our planet. But we can turn things around. Together we canmake good decisions that protect, nurture and grow our planet. It’s the actionsof people that have gotten us into this mess and it’s the actions of peoplethat can get us out,” Wagstaff said.

“I encourage working people to talk totheir work colleagues and their employers so they can take action and attendthe student marches if possible, to hold workplace meetings with employers totalk about what can be done to treat the planet better within workplaces.Together we can make a difference,” Wagstaff said.

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