Personal meet and greet with Priscilla Presley

Land of the Free Movie

Long-term Gold Coast gal pals and animal activists, Aldwyn Altuney and Lynn Santer, have teamed up to bring you a dinner-dance cabaret extravaganza at Quality Inn in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast 5thOctober to help save endangered species from the hunter’s bullet and there’s a big Hollywood connection to it.

The evening is to raise funds for a pull-no-punches, name and shame, never-before revealed facts, feature documentary – and the film has drawn support from big names around the world. Perhaps the biggest of them all is Lynn’s close friend, Priscilla Presley, and Priscilla has a special offer for people who support this project (all donations are fully tax deductible through DOCUMENTARY AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION). More details further down.

Legendary and iconic stars of immortal classics, Virginia McKenna OBE who starred as Joy Adamson in ‘Born Free’ and Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcock’s star of ‘The Birds’, Melanie Griffith’s mum and Dakota Johnson’s grandmother, have already filmed their segments for the documentary, together with the ex Special Forces commando who planned a covert mission in Africa to gather documented and visual evidence of what’s really going… and the world still does not know the half of it!”

One of the many truly shocking and hither-to unrevealed facts is about ‘taxidermy art’, that is where the hunter pays extra to kill the mother and cub and have them taxidermied into a ‘living scene’. Another is a 44 page document put out by the largest trophy hunting organization in the world that actively encourages the legal torture and slaughter of the most endangered species on earth, awarding more points for accolades and prizes based on the rarest animal killed, the most animals killed, the most continents that animals have been killed on and the most unusual methods used to kill them. “Because of the massive money involved, these facts have been flying under the world’s radar,” Santer scowled. “We’re going to put a stop to that!”

“We’re getting there inch by inch but we still need support to get this across the finish line – and there’s a very human story behind this too,” said Santer, who has been spearheading this mission for nearly 20 years.

Meryl Harrison spent 22 years on the front line in Zimbabwe during one of the most turbulent and violent times in that country’s history, stepping in where angels fear to tread, saving literally thousands of animals (domestic, farm and wildlife animals). It was during her tenure as Chief Inspector with the Zimbabwe SPCA that Meryl discovered the really heinous side behind trophy hunting, something the hunters have managed to keep out of the media and off social media to this day. Meryl, a twin and an orphan, faced the pointed end of an axe more than once for her daring efforts. Her twin brother was beaten to death. She suffered a near fatal heart condition. Still she continued.

Today, Meryl is 80 years old, living alone in remote Norfolk (UK) on only benefits. She is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, her heart is failing and Parkinson’s is rapidly depriving her of the use of her limbs. She may not have long left on this earth, yet despite that on the way home from hospital, where she underwent a brain scan, just last month, she saw a mindless act of animal cruelty, had her friend (who was driving) stop the car, hauled herself out of the vehicle to deal with the situation and then wrote to the media about it and had her letter published!!! That’s Meryl for you.

“We must raise funds to get the production crew to the UK to film her before it’s too late and this is what our event 5th October is all about.”

Whether or not you can attend, you can still donate and here’s a little incentive for you to do just that.

“I am constantly asked for a personal meet and greet with Priscilla and finally I can say: YES YOU CAN! Priscilla has graciously agreed to meet with any major donor to the project.

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