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Melbourne Tops Leader Board For Sporting Crowds
UK Supports Young Women to Increase Confidence, Risk-Taking and Well-Being
Zimbabwe Limits Freedom of Association Ahead of Election
EU Donates €65.5M to Combat Food Crisis in 11 African Nations
Professor digs in to director role
Prof. Publishes Notable Psychology Paper at Constructor U
2023 Social Innovators Empower Youth in Nigeria, Safeguard Amazon
2023 Australia Day Ambassador for Wollondilly Announced
Raising Lion Trophy Hunt Age Could Make Hunting More Sustainable: Study
Raising Age for Trophy Hunting Lions to Increase Sustainability
2022 REVIEW: 10 positive outcomes for children this year
African Elephants Suffer from Climate-Driven Drought
2022 Women’s Rights: Celebrating Victories
Scholarship and grant programs to attract international students
OPCW finishes 2022 chemical emergency preparedness training cycles
Appointment of Australian Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consul-General
Appointment of Australian Ambassadors, High Commissioners & Consul-General
Australia appoints new ambassador to Zimbabwe
Ambassador for Human Rights
2022 Year in Review
U.S., African Leaders Unite to Strengthen Partnerships
U.S. Appoints Rep for Africa Leaders Summit Implementation
IMF: Zimbabwe Visit Concludes Successfully
Sec. Blinken Discusses Climate Adaptation & Energy Transition
U.S.-Africa Space Forum Gets Assistant Secretary Medina Remarks
U.S.-Africa Space Forum Gets Assistant Secretary Medina Remarks
Zimbabwean Sanctions Program Revised
Secretary Blinken Conversation with 2022 Department of State Anti-Corruption Champion Award Honorees
Secretary Blinken At Anti-Corruption Champions Award Ceremony
2022 Anti-Corruption Champions Award
That’s soil folks: How WFP’s down-to-earth approach to climate and hunger is growing
New citizens welcomed at Rathmines ceremony
£1.7m funding boost to address impacts of heat exposure on maternal, newborn and child health
Few Shot Learning AI “knows” household appliances accurately
WFP, UK, Germany and World Bank come together to expand risk financing for communities vulnerable to climate shocks
World Economic Forum Report Maps How Companies Can Commit to Earning Digital Trust
U.S. Views on 2022 Kimberley Process Plenary
World Bank Group Appoints New Country Director for Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
Toxic cooking fumes cause complications in some pregnant women
NASA Science, Cargo Launches on Northrop Grumman Resupply Mission 7 November
Scam victims aiding attempted drug imports
Zimbabwe is first country in Africa to announce regulatory approval for long-acting injectable cabotegravir for HIV prevention
NASA Sets TV Coverage for Cargo Launch to International Space Station
Apple calls on global supply chain to decarbonize by 2030
World Food Forum: Exploring options for future soil and plant nutrition
USAID and WFP join hands as lean season sets-in rural Zimbabwe
World Food Forum: Hand-in-Hand Initiative brings partners into agrifood family
Zimbabwe is first county in Africa to announce regulatory approval for long-acting injectable cabotegravir for HIV prevention