Press statement on APL England


(Melbourne, Australia) APL England, a Singapore-flagged vessel, reports that she lost 50 containers in

heavy seas off the New South Wales coast whilst facing adverse weather conditions on 24 May 2020.
Through the height of this storm, the crew of this vessel leveraged their training and navigational skills to
manoeuvre the container ship into safety. This was an unnerving event, even for seasoned maritime
professionals, and the captain and the crew have ANL’s full support.
We are committed to following high safety standards for all vessels. APL England, fully compliant with
maritime certificates at the time of the incident, is now berthed safely at the Port of Brisbane, Australia.
We are fully cooperating with the authorities in transparency in their investigations.
ANL has immediately appointed Varley Group as well as Avcon Projects, both of whom have expertise in
environmental clean-ups, to remove debris and containers that reach the coast. Clean up actions throughout
the New South Wales shoreline will continue whilst debris come ashore on the coast.
/Public Release.