Record year for Australian film: Mad Max Fury Rd makes $21.65 million

Australian film has passed a significant box office milestone, surpassing the all-time box office record of $63.4 million* set in 2001 and is currently at $64 million.

The Australian film share of the local box office is currently sitting at 6.8%, which is the best since 2001.

Graeme Mason>, CEO of Screen Australia says: “It’s so wonderful to see Australian films connecting so strongly this year.

The film industry is somewhat cyclical, so it is difficult to make claims based on one year’s results alone. However, it is also important to celebrate success when it comes along, and given that the theatrical landscape is more challenging than ever before, Australian films have well and truly over-performed.

I think we’re on track for a particularly outstanding year – my prediction is that we’ll reach over $70million by the end of 2015, setting a new benchmark.”

“The Federal Government, through Screen Australia, is delighted to have been able to support so many of the films that have contributed to the year’s success, through its various funding, development, marketing, offsets and innovation programs.”

For Mason, this is a long game business. Helping bring films, TV shows and digital programs to fruition is often about supporting artists all the way from conception to distribution, so they can realise their very personal, passionate endeavours.

“As well as being the major funding agency, we’re also very personally invested in the films we assist in getting to screens. We often work closely with film makers over the many years it takes to refine concepts and scripts, resolve issues during production, get the best possible deals and support distribution and marketing efforts.

“We know first-hand just how resilient, patient and talented the Australian film industry is, and we’re proud to play a role in helping it thrive. This year we’ve seen enormous success across the entire screen industry encompassing film, TV and digital narrative content. And it’s a particularly big success given that distribution is in such a state of flux at the moment and the sector is facing significant challenges”.

Mason also notes that the most striking feature of the titles that have performed so well this year is the diversity of story types.

“I think this year’s films say something very interesting about what Australian life is like at the moment – what we care about and what our values are. We’ve seen films about nostalgia and heroism, good-humoured family larks, personal struggles and social conscience. In a year that’s seen a lot of turmoil, Australians have looked for stories that reflect their darker side as well as their care for social issues, and their need to laugh. Film, like all the arts, helps us make sense of the world around us, and reflects us back to ourselves. We’ve clearly had a year to remember!”

Several major Australian releases are still to come this year including The Dressmaker starring Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth and Kate Winslet.

The ten highest performing Australian films at the domestic box office for 2015 to date^:

1.     Mad Max Fury Rd: $21.65 million
2.     The Water Diviner: $10.18 million
3.     Paper Planes: $9.65 million
4.     Oddball: $8.12 million
5.     Last Cab to Darwin: $7.15 million
6.     Blinky Bill The Movie: $2.32 million
7.     That Sugar Film: $1.71 million
8.     Holding the Man: $1.14 million
9.     Ruben Guthrie: $0.42 million
10.  Manny Lewis: $0.41 million