SA Unions Budget reaction

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Tuesday June 18, 2019

Second Marshall Budget: higher taxes, poorer services, fewer jobs

SA Unions says the second Marshall Budget gives the lie to the Liberal’s claims about growing our economy and creating new jobs for South Australians.

State Secretary Angas Story says all it does is prove that last year’s State Budget was a spectacular failure.

“It was wildly optimistic in its estimates of GST revenue even though unions, economists and the Reserve Bank were pointing to the sluggish Australian economy that was in need of wage rises to create economic activity and maintain GST revenues.

“The promise of last year’s Budget was that it would deliver on “election promises to create jobs, lower costs for struggling families and provide better services for all South Australians”.

“We’ve seen none of that.

“In this Budget, the Marshall Government continues the trifecta of failures job cuts, higher costs for struggling families, and worse services for all South Australians.

“Earlier today, the Reserve Bank Board said it was concerned about unemployment and underemployment yet all we get are more job cuts in the public sector.

“Where are the decent secure jobs for South Australians in this Budget?”

Angas Story is available on 0422 006 302

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