Survey reveals most parents happy with Casey Maternal and Child Health Service

Residents have overwhelmingly reported positive satisfaction with the City of Casey’s Maternal and Child Health Service, according to a recent community feedback survey of 799 local parents.

92 per cent of respondents to the survey reported positive satisfaction with the service, including 56 per cent saying they were ‘very satisfied’ and 85 per cent stating they are ‘likely to’ or would ‘definitely recommend’ the Casey Maternal & Child Health Service to a friend.

The survey, rolled out in March and April 2019, was designed to assess the community’s experience when accessing the Maternal and Child Health Service, with the intent that the outcomes of the survey be used to inform the design and delivery of the service going forward.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Amanda Stapledon said 799 community members from across the municipality engaged with the survey, giving the service providers a representative picture of the entire municipality.

“Findings showed that, while there is still room for improvement, the community experience of the services and programs referenced are overwhelmingly positive, with the largest majority in each section reporting positive satisfaction,” she said.

“Most respondents reported that they found the information packs they received during nurse home visits, to be ‘useful information’. Similarly, a large majority reported that advice provided through the MCH Service ‘was useful in the care and parenting of children’.

“Of those surveyed, 84 per cent said they found “the location and accessibility of appointments with the MCH Service” to have been convenient. While, 79 per cent of respondents were satisfied with their experience in the First Time Parents Group.

“The City of Casey Maternal & Child Health is dedicated to delivering a service that meets the needs of today’s families and this consultation has helped us to identify the many things that are working for the community, as well providing ideas and highlighting demand for future service possibilities.”

Each year sees over 5,000 babies born to the City of Casey and Council operates the largest MCH Service in Victoria, with a passionate and professional team dedicated to helping our youngest residents get the best start to life.

Council’s MCH service plays an integral role in supporting local families through their parenthood journey and making a difference to children’s early years.

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