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A new piece of HIV infection puzzle explored
Neurons from patient blood cells enable researchers to test treatments for genetic brain disease
Silicon chip provides low cost solution to help machines see world clearly
To figure out how dinosaurs walked, start with how they didn’t
Snap-freezing reveals a truer structure of brain connections
Researchers Acquire 3D Images with LED Room Lighting and a Smartphone
Heart patients to benefit from new technology
Tasmanian tiger pups found to be extraordinary similar to wolf pups
Bio-inspired Endoscope Provides 3D Visible and Near-Infrared Images Simultaneously
La Trobe Financial Cardiac Catheterisation Unit opens at Epworth Richmond
“SCOUT” helps researchers find, quantify significant differences among organoids
Innovation ensures equity and enables teaching during COVID
New semiconductor detector shows promise for medical diagnostics and homeland security
Supercharge your microscope: researchers share guide for ultra-precise 3D imaging
NIST Designs a Prototype Fuel Gauge for Orbit
Industry Leaders to Unveil Innovative Products at 2nd Virtual OIDA Technology Showcase
X-Rays Reveal Architectural Clues to Crush-Resistance of Diabolical Ironclad Beetles
Researcher leads $3.8 million project to map developing mice brains
Ohio State University Research Helps Pinpoint Sources of Heart Condition
Compact, Low-Cost System Provides Fast 3D Hyperspectral Imaging
PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
3D camera earns its stripes at Rice
Research gets to heart of organ shape in nature
Princeton’s Prud’homme and Yang partner with Genentech to decode a key process
Inside digital transformation of China’s Terracotta Warriors
Bringing burnt bones back to life using 3D technology
Developing a digital holography-based multimodal imaging system to visualize living cells
Accurate 3D imaging could significantly improve IVF treatments
Accurate 3D imaging could significantly improve IVF treatments
Leaders in Scientific Research and Innovation in Lasers, Optical Materials and Photonic Devices to H
New type of immune cell discovered in breast ducts
New staining technique visualizes whole organs and bodies
New Photon-Counting Camera Captures 3D Images with Record Speed and Resolution
3D imaging of blood vessels could shed new light on cardiovascular disease
HKU Biomedical Engineering develops novel 3D imaging technology to make fluorescence microscopy more
New technologies aim to make 3D cameras easier to use
Optical Society Names G. Michael Morris 2020 David Richardson Medal Recipient
Textile-based composites could weave future of aerospace engineering
Role of 3D imaging in managing spent fuel stored under water
Barrnon and Wood move to next stage of innovation competition
Robots on rise and heading for Cumbria
These 3D printers create perfect models of life-sized human hearts, spines and other body parts
Carnivorous plant study captures universal rules of leaf making
Details of Dental Wear Revealed
Tiny Lensless Endoscope Captures 3D Images of Objects Smaller than a Cell