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NASA TV Coverage Set for Next International Space Station Cargo Launch
Study reveals how smell receptors work
Early-stage Photonics Companies Profiled in New Ones to Watch Series
Dissolvable smartwatch makes for easier electronics recycling
ArtSea Ink: colorful, seaweed-based ink for 3D printing
Skull of 340 million year old predatory amphibian digitally recreated
Eftpos brings competition to Digital Economy through highly secure online payments capability
New animations breathe life into complex scientific concepts
New laser equipment at University of Alberta gives medical technology developers boost
Missing Persons Week – Unidentified body-in-a-bag nationwide reappeal
NSF grant kicks off Center for Adapting Flaws into Features
LLNL optimizes flow-through electrodes for electrochemical reactors with 3D printing
Using virtual reality to help students understand brain’s complex systems
Atomic-level, 3-D structure of MUTYH protein opens small window into DNA repair mechanism
Smart necklace could track your detailed facial expressions
Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam visits HKU
Australian Nanoshield Antiviral Product Effective Against SARS-CoV-2 Nestlé Research sets real world evaluation benchmark
3-D ‘Heat Map’ Animation Shows How Seizures Spread in Brains of Patients with Epilepsy
Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind
Research on brain’s relay processes could guide treatment for certain brain disorders
It has been described how chromosomes are positioned during sperm differentiation
University receives $1.9 million in industry linked ARC grants
Researchers film human viruses in liquid droplets at near-atomic detail
Adapting roots to hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply
Inaugural fund supports early-stage collaborations between MIT and Jordan
Detailed, 3D map created from piece of visual cortex of mouse brain to support machine learning
Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries
What lies beneath: building blocks of life
Biosensors embedded in bandages could monitor diabetic foot wounds to prevent amputations
Urban planning: Precious resources far below surface
Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond takes part in successful maritime exercise
Canada highlights support for innovative and early-stage small and medium-sized businesses in British Columbia
Scientists advance breast, ovarian cancer research with cryo-electron microscopy
AB Nexus Announces Third Round of Grants, Drives Research Breakthroughs
Life in space: Preparing for an increasingly tangible reality
3D Visualization and Quantification of Bioplastic PHA in Living Bacterial Cell
Smart, self-configuring factories on horizon thanks to £5m research centre
New Emory digital learning hub marks Apollo 15 moon mission’s 50th anniversary
High School students launch future careers in tech
Scientists Discover Early Signs of Frontotemporal Dementia in Personalized Cerebral Organoids
Team creating insulin-producing implant for Type 1 diabetes
King’s accelerates synthetic brain 3D image creation using AI models powered by Cambridge-1 supercomputer
Research aims to unlock secrets of magma transport below ocean floor
How Secondary Electron Emission Yield Properties Affect Atomic Layer Deposition-coated Microchannel Plate?
Research Reveals Advantage of 2D Metal-organic Framework Nanosheets in Sensing Applications
Tweezers of sound can pick objects up without physical contact
Better helmet to protect soldiers in combat
DeepMind and EMBL release most complete database of predicted 3D structures of human proteins