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Exercise, mindfulness help children with ADHD
Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic
Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood
Is when you lose your virginity and have your first kid really written in your genes?
12 Big Ideas in Patient Care Win Pilot Funding
Adult ADHD is linked to numerous physical conditions
Research ID’s immune cells that sculpt inhibitory neurons, regulate brain wiring
Genetics plays important role in age at first sex and birth with links to dis-inhibition, longevity and disease
Scientists Find Genetic Cause, Underlying Mechanisms of New Neurodevelopmental Syndrome
Mind blanking: What happens in our brains when our attention lapses
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain
Myths and stigma about ADHD contribute to poorer mental health for those affected
Does cannabis affect brain development in young people with ADHD
Is UK government’s clean air approach good enough?
Strict rest after sports related concussion slows recovery and may prolong symptoms
Chemical cocktail accumulates in fetal organs
Flickering screens may help children with reading and writing difficulties
Nutritional supplement proves 92% effective in boosting brain function
Studying guppies, researchers find ADHD drugs can affect later generations
Exposing fish to ADHD drugs affects later generations: University of Toronto researchers
Otago projects receive $1.64m Health Research Council funding
Families with a child with ADHD can benefit from mindfulness training
New NIHR Funding to explore effects of external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation in ADHD
Children’s sleep and adenotonsillectomy
Preventive interventions can improve mental health outcomes in children, teens and young adults
Study: Children with autism or ADHD can mask consistently
New Australian research confirms attention deficits in Australian children linked to lifelong impacts including social exclusion
ADHD affects girls too, and it can present differently to way it does in boys
Exercise aids cognitive development of children born preterm
Yes, ADHD could explain some of Andrew Laming’s behaviour
Childhood Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Poor Mental Health at Age 18
New Zealanders struggle to get help they need, 2 years on from a funding boost for mental health services
More kids are being diagnosed with ADHD for borderline (yet challenging) behaviours
ART-CARMA Clinical Study part of 6m Euro global programme
Neurodiversity in workplace
Funding drives research into treating people with ADHD and cardiometabolic diseases
Autism and ageing
OCD Patients with Comorbidities Respond Well to Deep Brain Stimulation
Sleep treatment used by 1 in 4 children with autism
Standardized screening, school and community integration help keep kids in school
A study analyses risk genetic factors shared between ADHD and disruptive behaviour disorders
Greater access to life-changing medicine for Australians with ADHD
Mental health conditions alarmingly high among children with autism
New study shows correlation between teen obesity and mental health issues
Project BE-WEHL Helps Families Reduce Stress, Cope with Trauma
Lord Chancellor It’s time for action on mental health in prisons
A pursuit of better testing to sort out complexities of ADHD
Llamas immune to coronavirus, what zebrafish are thinking, and other memorable science stories of 2020