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New brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment
Medication treatment of pediatric psychiatric disorders reduces later onset of substance use problems
Brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment
Diet plays key role in ADHD symptoms in children
Mental health, disability in justice system
Antidepressant use in pregnant women unlikely to cause seizures in their children
Multiple diagnoses are norm with mental illness; new genetic study explains why
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
Vitamins, minerals improve symptoms for children with ADHD
Finding your car in parking lot relies on this newly discovered brain circuit
Research helps explain how Ritalin sharpens attention
“It reveals just how complex machinery of sleep is”
Autism, ADHD and school absence are risk factors for self-harm, according to new study
IN are launching Neurodiversity Career Connector, job search portal for neurodivergent candidates
Two-thirds of women with anxiety & depression at breaking point
Circuit that focuses attention brings in wide array of inputs
Children with migration backgrounds less likely to receive recommended psychiatric treatment
Autism support for Black community
Key brain region for substance use disorders now has searchable atlas of distinct cell populations
Maladaptive daydreaming may be better diagnosis for some than ADHD
Two in five adults with ADHD are in excellent mental health
Human gene variant produces attention deficit disorder-like problems
Study finds genetic link between childhood and adult anxiety and depression
Day in my life
Integrating behavioral health in community-based primary care improves access and treatment for racially and ethnically diverse
Minor Head Injury Leads to Chronic Post-Concussion Syndrome in 1 of 4 Children
Funding boost for research into sleep and ADHD
Wide-ranging diagnoses in children born before 24 weeks gestation
Wide-ranging problems in children born before 24 weeks gestation
One in three children with disabilities globally have experienced violence in their lifetimes
A poo dose a day may keep bipolar away
ADHD looks different in adults. Here are 4 signs to watch for
Australia Post to reward dozens of Local Business Heroes
Frequent External Childcare Can Affect Children’s Behavior
Answers for families as researchers identify new rare genetic mutation
Life-saving medicines unaffordable as PBS co-pay heads to $50 script
Humphrey B. Bear Heads Back To School
MIND Institute program trains future leaders in care of autism, ADHD, fragile X and more
COVID meets creative clinical
ADHD linked to hoarding behaviour – new study
Reduce ADHD with more parks, less pollution
Researchers explore why childhood and adolescent suicides are serious threat in Florida
CBD and parents’ attitudes about giving it to children
Parent attitudes about using CBD in kids
Scientists restore brain immune system function after prenatal exposure to environmental toxin
Children with ADHD needed for sleep study
Children with Autism and High Autistic Traits Exhibit Difficulties