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Prescriptions of Antipsychotic Medications in Young Children is Declining
Using machine learning to track pandemic’s impact on mental health
Scientists identify specific brain region and circuits controlling attention
Launch of new neurodevelopmental and neurodiversity network
Launch of new neurodevelopmental and neurodiversity network
Child health study with Telethon Trust
High Fructose Intake May Drive Aggressive Behaviors, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder
Pitt Innovation Awards $485,000 for Health Care Solutions
Why business leaders should hire from these two diverse talent pools
Financial distress linked to suicide risk in people with ADHD
Girls benefit from doing sports
ADHD services map reveals major gaps in care, failing vulnerable
Report reveals impact of little-known disorder affecting one in 20 children
Groundbreaking autism intervention gets green light
Longtime CHOP Neurologist Announces Sabbatical
Penn Launches Region’s First Center for Translational Neuromodulation
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Pilot grants open door to better mental health care
Social media and online harms: Imperial researchers inform policymakers
Study finds link between hoarding and ADHD
NIH grant funds a new study of infants at higher risk for ADHD and ASD
Risk of ADHD diagnosis lower in children who follow healthy lifestyle recommendations, study shows
Early childhood intervention programs may reap benefits across generations
A genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic
Researchers call for new approach to some mental disorders
Study links severe childhood deprivation to neuropsychological difficulties in adulthood
Research highlights concerns about link between ADHD drug prescriptions and amphetamine use in WA
UNE’s Paul Berkner co-authors pioneering research on concussions in adolescents
How A 10-Minute ‘Reset’ May Make a Huge Difference for Kids at Home
£100k project will see AI used to speed up ADHD diagnosis
Worldwide study unlocks genetic secrets of grey matter
With Ritalin and similar medications, brain focuses on benefits instead of costs of work
International study completes largest genetic map of psychiatric disorders so far
Neuroscientists discover new structure of important protein in brain
Cortisol levels show links between parent and child mental illness
Learning difficulties due to poor connectivity, not specific brain regions, study shows
Robot toys could help detect early signs of autism or ADHD in infants
Study uses eye movement test to confirm brain-ageing effects