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Children with Autism and High Autistic Traits Exhibit Difficulties
Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities adversely affected by Covid lockdowns
ADHD medicine may treat symptoms of genetic movement disorder in kids
Researchers Use Deep Learning to Find Genetic Causes of Mental Health Disorders
How do tics develop?
Four universities and Lundbeck Foundation boost Danish brain research and talent development with new neuroscience academy
Students with attention problems more likely to cheat
Cerebrospinal fluid offers clues to post-covid ‘brain fog’
Creative Through Movement
Tracking stress in pregnant moms, for their child’s health
How to Manage an ADHD Diagnosis
My First Year After Being Diagnosed with ADHD
Drugs and sun – your daily medications could put you at greater risk of sunburn
Alternative strategy for stalling Alzheimer’s neurodegeneration
Visuals increase attention
MIND Institute thanks research families with winter wonderland event
Employers asked to think differently this Disability Action Week 2021
How AI could help screen for autism in children
Youth mental health multi-million-dollar burden on Australian families
Study shows certain brain waves aren’t just background noise
Diet changes brain activity in children with ADHD
Adults with ADHD four times more likely to have generalized anxiety disorder
Mentor and role model, University of Toronto grad Amna Adnan shares her journey of ‘grit and resilience’
Neuroscientists explore mysterious ‘events’ in brain that open new avenues for understanding brain injuries and disorders
Cannabis use disorder during pregnancy on rise
Studies suggest no causal link between young children’s screen time and later symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity
Service provides lifeline for primary care providers amid crisis in youth mental health made worse by pandemic
Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment HKU Hosts Seminar on “Leverage Resources for Inclusive Employment
Lack of joined-up support from education and health is harming outcomes for young people with ADHD, new paper warns
Halt Execution of Man with Intellectual Disability in Singapore
Cannabis use disorder rising significantly during pregnancy
£12 million for skills and local business in Northern Ireland
£200 million boost to help level up communities across UK
Brain monitoring suggests common link between electrical tremors and mental health disorders
Genetic risk of mental health conditions may influence where people choose to live
Machine learning reveals brain networks involved in child aggression
Behaviour resembling human ADHD seen in dogs
Americans’ anxiety impacted by ongoing pandemic, yet 1 in 5 say they won’t seek treatment according to GeneSight Mental Health
Understanding relationship between ADHD and entrepreneurialism
Australia’s Largest Neurodiverse Hiring Event
Genetics and everyday behavior reflected in risky driving
King’s supports young people to secure lifelong employment
ADHD and impulsivity: new potential targets to approach treatment for neuropsychiatric disorders
AI can make better clinical decisions than humans: study
Do screens really hurt kids? Not much, and they may have some benefits
Link between ADHD and dementia across generations
ADHD and obesity are linked through genetics and pregnancy weight, study finds
Marijuana use at historic high among college-aged adults in 2020