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Genes Linked to Increased Risk of Suicidal Thoughts/Actions
Healio: Driver training software program associated with fewer distractions in ADHD youth
MIND Institute thanks research families with winter wonderland event 10 December
RACGP welcomes women’s health announcement
Scientists gaining better understanding of how most common ADHD medication works
Genetic vulnerability to ADHD signals risk of Alzheimer’s in old age
Genetic Vulnerability to ADHD Signals Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Old Age
Are youngest children in class overmedicated?
Is classroom inclusion or segregation best for children with special needs?
Torrens University’s virtual fashion studio wins third award for year
Short term memory problems can be improved with laser therapy
Simulated driving program reduces crash risk for teens with ADHD in small study
Children 18 months to 18 years showing serious mental health issues, APS survey reveals
Working towards ending violence and abuse in society
Neuromarker for ADHD could improve diagnosis of disorder
GeneSight mental health monitor finds gap on front line of mental health care
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalisation and death
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalization and death
NIH researchers unlock pattern of gene activity for ADHD
MIND Institute Fall Festival draws hundreds of families
Personalising mental health care
Todd Sampson’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ raises alarm on our lives online – but not all its claims are supported by evidence
Study suggests ADHD diagnosis in childhood hasn’t improved quality of life for teens
‘What Happens Next?’: Can We Sharpen Our Focus?
Researchers sharpen estimate of true percentage of people with ADHD
Libraries host sensory-friendly hour
‘What Happens Next?’: Is Our Attention Slipping?
ADHD Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care Clinical Practice Guideline
Better diagnosis, treatment and care for ADHD
Landmark new Australian ADHD Guideline sets benchmark for diagnosis and treatment
ADHD medications have doubled in last decade – but other treatments can help too
Fall Festival offers walk-through trunk-or-treat, cool cars, costumes and resource booths
Introducing season seven of ‘What Happens Next?’
Research reveals birth weight could help identify children at higher risk of psychological issues
Should ADHD be in NDIS? Yes, but eligibility for disability supports should depend on person not their diagnosis
Omega-3 fatty acids, and in particular DHA, linked to increased attention scores in adolescents
Language learning difficulties in children linked to brain differences
Research picks out what brings our senses and thoughts together
Gene mutation discovered that causes language impairment, ADHD and myasthenia
New Research Shows Children Exposed to Natural Disasters in Womb Have Higher Rates of Developmental Psychopathology
Maternal education and household income at birth can increase child’s chances of overweight and obesity
Rare human gene variant in ADHD, autism exposes fundamental sex differences
Research reveals children exposed to natural disasters in womb have higher rates of developmental psychopathology
We can’t solve Australia’s mental health emergency if we don’t train enough psychologists
Entrepreneurial empowerment
Green Party welcomes landmark commitments from health sector for ADHD progress
Adult ADHD linked to elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases
Study finds white children more likely to be overdiagnosed for ADHD