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Police charge man over act of animal cruelty – Eastwood
Couple abandoned dog without adequate water
Confidential tip-off results in seizure of 30 cats and kittens
Investigation launched into Eastwood animal cruelty
Conviction over squalid labradoodle puppy farm
Million Paws Walk is back – bigger and better in 2023
Tara Cooley of UConn Law Honored by Animal Legal Defense Fund
Police charge teens over animal cruelty at Glenwood
Alarming RSPCA WA stats reveal surge in horse neglect
Inspectorate seized and surrendered animals at all-time high
Man Charged for Cruelty & Domestic Assault in Raymond Terrace
South West woman charged with cruelty to miniature pony
Cruelty charge for leaving dogs in car without water
Govt Must Ban Duck Shooting: Greens Slam ‘Spineless’ Stance
Pet owners must ‘wake up’ to deadly summer dangers
Animal cruelty investigation at Brighton
Travel Co’s Still Fail Wildlife: New Animal Guide
Record investment of $40.6 million for animal welfare and rehoming
Albany man denied his sick, elderly horse vet treatment
Greens call for Dapto to come out of shadow of dogs
Puppy’s broken leg prompts animal cruelty charge
Cruelty charge for starving horse at South West property
Ben Miller & Researcher Unearth Bear-y Wild Hometown History
Police investigating after dog thrown from cliff – Mount Ousley
Vegan Pet Diets: Examining Health Claims
Willagee couple guilty of starving dogs ‘for weeks’
Woman ordered to pay back $40K for neglected horses
Ethics of Animal Research: Multiple Perspectives
Cruelty charge – dogs tied up in Perth backyard without water or shelter
27,114 animals in urgent need of Guardian Angels
Police charge man with further firearm and sexual offences
Butler man fined after puppy beating caught on camera
Queensland passes tougher animal welfare laws
RSPCA Victoria Statement – Case of Stipo Cicak
You can have your say about keeping pets in rental homes
Woman jailed after allowing dog to starve to near-death in her backyard
Man found guilty for kicking dog at Melbourne protest
Severely neglected British Bulldog left to suffer
Volunteer and contribute to animal welfare across state
Cruelty charge – puppy allegedly killed with mallet
Price of puppies to surge under NSW Labor
RSPCA NSW welcomes amendments to prevention of cruelty to animals act
Animals Australia calls on Andrews govt to stop killing state’s threatened dingoes
Public calls for more proactive pet laws
Cruelty conviction for sick, underweight Gumtree puppies
Dismal attendances and record-low TV ratings show Spring carnival has run its race
Majority reject horse racing: new independent poll
Greens push to double gambling tax and prevent racing industry from making cent