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ACNAP 2023: art and science of cardiovascular nursing
Lymphoma Patients with Depression or Anxiety Have Shorter Survival: Study
Arthritis: Managing Anxiety and Depression
Quitting Smoking Improves Mental Health, Says Study
Understanding how to improve body image in queer men
New Initiative Targets Oral Health for HIV/AIDS Patients
Psychological challenges of rural living
Study starts to unravel stigma around ME
Exploring Online Arts & Culture to Boost Youth Mental Health
Genetically Modified Cell Therapies Tackle Rise of Autoimmune Diseases
Heart Heroes Characters Boost Roblox Player Performance
Biden Admin Takes Steps to Protect Youth Mental Health, Safety & Privacy Online
Half of Kids Undergoing Neurodevelopmental Assessment Show Signs of Mental Distress, Support Needed
Andrew Jara’s Empty Space to Release on VOD and DVD/Blu-Ray May 30
AI Voice Coach Shows Promise in Depression, Anxiety Treatment
Mater Research Leads Palliative Care Oncology Study
Food is Medicine Summit Puts Focus on Nutrition
Michael J. Fox Launches Documentary, Parkinson’s Specialist Talks Treatment and Research
PolyU & NGOs Develop Intervention Services for Families Coping with Adversity
Remote Physical Training Effective in Rehabilitating Severe COVID Patients: Study
Understanding and changing how we see ourselves
Pandemic Stress Alters Placentas of Expectant Moms
New Research Agenda Bundles Young People’s Burning Brain Questions
Online Gaming Social Networks May Improve Mental Health
Photos give men voice to discuss mental distress
Nursing Researcher Finds Music, Massage and Relaxation Reduce Stress for ICU Patients
UCLA Study Suggests Link Between Self-Perceived Cognition Deficits and Long COVID Symptoms
Mental wellness is important for healthy heart and brain
Youth Mental Health Struggles Exposed in Reddit Posts
Happy worms have healthy eggs
Sleep disorder risk for IBD patients
Anxiety, Mood Disorders Linked to Alcohol Use Disorder Risk
Half of Parents Believe Social Media Hurt Children’s Mental Health: Survey
Physical Activity May Cut Depression, Ease Healthcare Burden
Anti-Poverty Programs May Reduce Disparities in Child Brain Development
Anti-poverty programs may help reduce disparities in brain development and mental health symptoms in kids
CU Anschutz Boosts Women’s Mental Health Research
Covid’s Impact on Academic Integrity: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Solitude
Advocates Call for Faster Replacement of Diesel School Buses Over Child Health Concerns
Long COVID causes months-long changes in brain function
Anxiety and Depression in Singapore Cost Billions
ProSocial World: Applying Evolution Principles for Global Change
Psychedelics May Outperform Antidepressants for Advanced Cancer Patients
Talking Therapies May Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Tech Use Linked to Anxiety and Depression, Study Shows
Research Aims to Prevent Children Falling Through Gap in Mental Health
Good sleep is key to pre-teen mental health
Meditation Eases Stress and Anxiety in Heart Disease Patients