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New Technique for Detecting Stress in Complex Fluids
Research: Reducing Anesthetics During Surgery Has No Impact On Patient Care, Decreases Emissions
Simulations Recreate X-Ray Fluctuations Seen by Satellites
Hybrid Catalyst to Increase Ethylene Production Sustainability
LUMS earns full AACSB Accreditation to 2028
Looking back at Tonga eruption
Australia Day – new beginnings
More than just shed
Asteroid 2023 BU Passes Closest to Earth: Excitement Explained
Earth’s Climate Steered by Temperature-Dependent Weathering
Air Pollution in China Poses Health Risk: Dark Side Revealed
Laser beams can divert lightning strikes
Royal Navy Backs Maritime Autonomy with Dstl, DASA Research
UV lamps used for disinfection may impair indoor air quality
Gardening for International Friendship
Black Mosses Re-Exposed: Kill Dates Announced
Adelaide citizens honoured
Dutch mussels way to healthy and sustainable diet
Ballarat 2023 Australia Day Community Awards winners announced
Australia prepares to take on world at HSBC Sydney sevens
Council Weighs Changes to Waste & Organic Bin Collections
Whales could be key to reducing carbon dioxide
NASA Rescues Earth Explorers, Enables Exploration
St. Jude Opens 45K Sq Ft Family Commons
Australia Day alcohol ban in Port Phillip
Santos Tour Down Under heralded huge success
Blinken Meets with Ahern of WMAQ-TV Chicago
Red Sea Urchins’ Climate Change Vulnerability Depends on Location
Citizen Science: Reaching from Space to School
Record-Breaking 50m Laser Experiment in UMD Hallway
Horsham to host three-on-three basketball tournament
2023 Australia Day Breakfast and Citizen of Year Awards
Night Sky Brightening Rapidly, Impacts Star Visibility Worldwide
Unlocking Knowledge: Connecting Pieces to Tackle Uncertainty
Why rivers matter for global carbon cycle
Broadway smash hit Come From Away breaks ticket sale records
New study shows ‘self-cleaning’ of marine atmosphere
Underlying assumptions of air quality need to be redefined
Air Quality Assumptions Must Be Revisited
Perseverance Rover Unveils Mars’ Rich Meteorology
New paper offers best practices for LGBTQ+ field scientists and mentors
Tumultuous migration on edge of Hot Neptune Desert
Regenerative farming tackles climate change
Microplastics climate research gets funding boost
Spectroscopic Evidence Confirms Solar Filament Structure Split via Magnetic Reconnection
2023 Senior’s Festival ‘Celebrate Together’ unites community with liv
International shows are back at FRINGE WORLD 2023
Increased atmospheric dust is masking greenhouse gases’ warming effect