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Standing up for soil
Lasers, landscape and lost magnetic fields
Quantitative Snapshot of Human Impact on Planet
New Melbourne Landmark Under Heart Of City
Businesses invited to enhance New Annual festival spirit
First global map of cargo ship pollution finds effects of fuel regulations
Scientists reveal method of converting methane gas into liquid methanol
UCLA-led team develops new approach for building quantum computers
It’s raining PFAS
New Zealand is touting a green hydrogen economy, but it will face big environmental and cultural hurdles
Meteors seem to be raining down on New Zealand, but why are some bright green?
New Stanford research reveals chemical underpinnings of how benign water can transform into harsh hydrogen peroxide
Cloud study demystifies impact of aerosols
Recovering biodiversity in Brazils pioneering Atlantic Forest through conservation and ecological restoration
Bumper Open Day as Western Sydney University opens its doors to community
Machine Learning for Big Data on Weather
Is James Webb Space Telescope finding furthest, oldest, youngest or first galaxies?
Parker receives grant to study mechanics behind ‘dicamba drift’
Discovery of second-largest pink diamond has left world in awe
Cumberland City Council Celebrates return of Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival
Curated Plate: Hurry. Last tickets up for grabs
New Antarctic study reveals levels of ‘forever chemicals’ reaching remote continent have been increasing
Climate targets: collaboration and optimism are essential for energy transition
High levels of pollutants in Antarctic snow
Heatwaves thawing Arctic permafrost
Carbon removal using ‘blue carbon’ habitats “uncertain and unreliable”
Golden opportunity to lease lakeside caravan park in Colac
Western wildfire smoke plumes are getting taller
Van Andel Institute, University of Freiburg study finds insights into enzyme that combats common greenhouse gas
Molecular Machine At Work
Leopoldina recommends establishing earth system science in Germany
Iron as potential key material in facilitating large-scale storage and transport of carbon-free energy
Researchers 3D print sensors for satellites
Darwin’s Berrimah weather radar upgrade to improve severe storm predictions
Decarbonisation targets only achievable with advances in research
These scientists watch sun to better understand Earth
Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters
‘IcePic’ algorithm outperforms humans in predicting ice crystal formation
Research reveals true size of world’s largest tropical peatland
Rice improves catalyst that destroys ‘forever chemicals’ with sunlight
Record-breaking heatwaves show climate change is already here
‘A referendum on future of fossil fuels’: Record number of appeals against Woodside gas facility proposal
Secretary Austin Travels to Brazil for Conference of Defense Ministers of Americas
New approach can improve explosion detection
Chemists unlock secrets of molten salts
Research on bacteria: Electron highway for hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage discovered
Porous crystals bind fluorine-containing greenhouse gases
Leeds at Commonwealth Games: Officiating netball