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Southern Cross aquaculture specialist exploring climate change impact
New ocean temperature data help scientists make their hot predictions
Compound hazards pose increased risk to highly populated regions in Himalayas
University startups that could change world prepare to pitch for millions
Fines issued in fire protection industry for breaches of ozone protection laws
Engineered E. coli could make carbohydrates, renewable fuel, from CO2
Scientists discover source of microplastic in snow and rain
Tropical crocodile float tops prize pool
EngineeredE. ColiCould Make Carbohydrates, Renewable Fuel, from CO2
Scientists gain better understanding of icy plumes associated with violent tornadoes
Transforming ‘sewer gas’ into clean hydrogen fuel
Scientists solve mystery of icy plumes that may foretell deadly supercell storms
Researchers solve mystery of icy plumes that may foretell deadly supercell storms
Nearby forest loss predicts future deforestation on protected lands
Satellite in sun’s backyard unravels origins of interplanetary dust
Ida’s remnants struck idling front for historic deluge
Forest edges in tropics increase carbon emissions
Ida’s remnants struck idling cold front for historic deluge
Surprise: Milky Way is not homogeneous
Ancient New York: Research gives snapshot of oldest forest in world
More than 47,000 Brazilians hospitalized by exposure to wildfire air pollution every year
How land birds cross open ocean
New Powerful Laser Passes Field Test
Increased CO2 in atmosphere makes dung beetles smaller
Amid wildfires and pandemic, here’s how to keep your indoor air clean
Study Shows Impacts of Deforestation and Forest Burning on Biodiversity in Amazon
Bearing it in mind: Being more than just OK on RU OK? Day
New Designs Revealed For Bendigo Rehabilitation Centre
320,000 Australian households worth of waste diverted from landfill as Woolworths Group accelerates path to better tomorrow
Play On in Perth with Grand Final Half-Price Tours
Pop-Up University returns to bring University of Sheffield research to public
‘Avo-cargo’ set for Asian markets in win for first-time exporters
Lawrence Livermore optics used to spot elusive aurora on Red Planet
Stellar collision triggers supernova explosion
Black Hole Triggers Premature Supernova
Making Methane from CO2: Carbon Capture Grows More Affordable
Fact check: just how harmful is methane?
Deadwood releasing 10.9 gigatons of carbon every year
Coastal grape growers can use less water during drought
Flooding patterns expected to change with future warming
Climate change to increase deadwood decomposition globally
Food for seals and other Arctic predators is shrinking – literally
Deadwood in Global Carbon Cycle
Getting to root, empowering savings potential and hotter urban hydrology
Climate – Getting to root
Warming Atlantic forces whales into new habitats, danger
Century-old mystery of how planets reflect light solved
Predicting Climate Anomalies Still Remains Challenging