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Oceans and bushfire events feature in National Science Week
Asbestos disease still impacts community 27 August
Former Students Take Legal Action For Anti-Semitism
World-first study challenges impact of net mangrove loss on climate change
Natural Radiation Can Interfere with Quantum Computers
Don’t Bet on It Before Examining Costs, Researchers Say
Remove CO2 From Air? Don’t Bet on It Before Examining Costs, Researchers Say
Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet could bring half a metre of sea-level rise
Asteroid 2018 VP may be heading for Earth. But theres no need to worry
Ultrasensitive Measurements Keep Tabs on Nuclear Explosions
Coal Elimination Treaty needed urgently say UNSW academics
Spinning Black Hole Powers Jet by Magnetic Flux
Synchronous timing of past abrupt climate changes
Third Woodland Carbon Guarantee auction now open for applications
Carbon dioxide ‘pulses’ are a common feature of carbon cycle
February lockdown in China caused a drop in some types of air pollution, but not others
Upcoming space mission to test Purdue-developed drag sail pulling rocket back to Earth
From top of Range to depths of Atlantic Ocean for USQ climatologist
Foulden Maar research points to a future global greening
Plants take in less carbon in a warming world
Tasmanian forests are well managed and sustainable
Microbes living on air a global phenomenon
Recent global warming trends are inconsistent with very high climate sensitivity
New tool helps interpret future searches for life on exoplanets
North American cold-climate forests are already absorbing less carbon, study shows
Diversity makes for a better university
Scotch Whisky gears up to go green thanks to UK Government funding
Whisky goes green thanks to UK government funding
Aleksandra Radenovic, from Balkans to Lake Geneva
Company found guilty over gas breach which harmed 26 people
NASA TV to Air Departure of Japanese Cargo Ship from Space Station
Green practices can negate climate emissions on NY farms
Global Methane Emissions Soaring, But How Much Was Due to Wetlands?
Lianas strongly impact forests in southern Amazonia
Morrison Government climate policy [allows big polluters to increase emissions]
Researchers unlock secrets of past with new international carbon dating standard
Countries transitioning to zero carbon should look at more than technology cost
Natural way to boost crop yield to be explored by Warwick Scientists
Entries open for 2020 Mayoral Creative Writing Prize
Decades of juniors at Beazley’s Bridge Brigade
Florian Breider: a passion for all things Japanese
A warming California sets stage for future floods
UWE-4: Small and Agile in Orbit
AFL heading to Red Centre
Molecular study could improve climate change modeling
More carbon in oceans can lead to smaller fish
Scientists will develop new models for prospecting gold and oil
Curtin program uses AFL clubs to improve male footy fans’ health