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Where were Herod Great’s royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?
Diplomats for Equality IDAHOBIT 2022 statement
IDAHOBIT 2022 – Diplomats for Equality Brussels statement
31st UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Quantum systems and flight of bee
Family size may influence cognitive functioning
2nd Global COVID- 19 Summit Commitments
Unemployment Rates, OECD – Updated 12 May
Dialogue and cooperation needed for ‘interlinked global crises’ UN chief says in Austria
Drina countries agree on cross-sectoral roadmap to improve transboundary cooperation in management of natural resources
Exoskeleton device helps stroke victims regain hand function
Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks’ Meeting With Austrian Federal Minister of Defense Klaudia Tanner
Covid lockdown cuts CO2 emissions throughout Europe and 40% in Amsterdam
Multinational doctoral programme investigates solar activity
How stomach stem cells change allegiance upon injury
Quantum mechanics could explain why DNA can spontaneously mutate
Keywan Riahi elected as corresponding member of Austrian Academy of Sciences
Three Simple Interventions for Cancer Prevention in Older People
United States and 60 Global Partners Launch Declaration for Future of Internet
Can your mobile phone get a virus?
Call for expressions of interest in positions on UNIDO’s Independent Oversight Advisory Committee
Social dialogue, key to strengthening safety and health at work
Remembering Kitchener Camp memorial concert for Yom HaShoa
Research points to physical principles that underlie quantum Darwinism
Call for applications for expressions of interest in positions on UNIDO’s Independent Oversight Advisory Committee
Chornobyl: Putin’s war in Ukraine renews nuclear dangers and memories of 1986 disaster
Researchers awarded three ERC Advanced Grants
International Community to Forge Vision for Future of Nuclear Law at First-Ever IAEA Conference
Breakthrough for efficient and high-speed spintronic devices
Combination of three simple treatmentscould help lower invasive cancer risk by 61% among adults aged 70+
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 23 April
How immune cells enter tissue
Researchers Demonstrate Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy
Energy saving actions by EU citizens could save enough oil to fill 120 super tankers and enough natural gas to heat 20 million homes
Pleas for peace: urgent need for more diplomacy and science diplomacy efforts in Ukraine
Security Council urged to ‘put aside’ its divisions and end ‘horrific and senseless war;
U.N. Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission
Embracing ancient materials and 21st-century challenges
Time to remove vaccine mandates? Not so fast – it could have unintended consequences
UNIDO launches knowledge platform to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 9 in Latin America and Caribbean
INQUIMUS 2022 Conference
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, April 11, 2022
First uniform description of climate scenarios in German-speaking world
New partnership with Bulgaria for artificial intelligence
Online marathon exchanges between Ukrainian local leaders and international counterparts
Identifying dead after mass disasters is a crucial part of grieving
Sustainable concept for wood-based textile fibres
Journalists in Ukraine are not safe from Russian attacks