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Global Tiger Day Marks Uneven Progress Towards Global Goal to Double Wild Tigers by 2022
UN announces support to digital solutions to accelerate economic recovery of women enterprises
Younger diabetics more worried about Covid – study
Deadly floods and landslides hit Rohingya camps in Bangladesh
Earth’s vital signs worsen amid business-as-usual mindset on climate change
Earth’s vital signs worsen amid ‘business as usual’ climate policy
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Myanmar
“To make even smallest contribution to improving my country would be my dream”
Cotton looks further afield for markets
Training in rice growing system ups yields and well-being
New UK scheme to drive trade with developing countries
Russia and Thailand issue temporary bans on imports of live cattle, buffalo and their products
Human Rights Committee Adopts Reports on Follow-up to its Concluding Observations
New $5m centre of excellence will enable capacity building in India
Supported by UN Women, police forces are becoming more responsive to survivors of violence
Feeding fish and pond yields more protein with lower quality feed
Antibiotic resistance is killing children overseas
Human Rights Council Adopts Two Resolutions on Climate Change and on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity
Flash flood guidance system includes snow hydrology
Establishes Mechanism to Protect Africans and People of African Descent against Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers
Nominations Sent to Senate 14 July
Committee against Torture considers reports on follow-up to concluding observations, individual communications, and reprisals
Human Rights Council Adopts Three Resolutions on Human Rights in Tigray Region of Ethiopia, Human Rights
Renews Mandate on Eritrea and Calls for Removal of Unjustified Obstacles Restricting Export of COVID-19 Vaccines
Worldly Experience Is a Catalyst for Change
Law Enforcement Officials must be Held Accountable for Crimes against People of African Descent and Alternative Approaches
Heart risk ‘calculators’ overlook increased risk for people of South Asian ancestry
U.S. President Biden Announces His Intent to Nominate Four Individuals to Serve as Ambassadors
Israeli Settlements Amount to a War Crime, Special Rapporteur Tells Human Rights Council
Indo Pacific Business Summit
Global food prices fall for first time in 12 months
Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar Tells Human Rights Council that International Community is Failing People
International Workshop on National Multilingualism reveals connections between Horn of Africa and South Asia
Conversion therapy: A breath of fresh air in tackling India’s oxygen shortage
WFP and Republic of Korea working together to sustain assistance for Rohingya communities in Myanmar and Bangladesh
COVID-19 lockdowns work better in wealthier countries
UNOSAT at CERN: Satellite mapping for good of humanity
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities
Data visualization brings to light COVID-19’s threats to forcibly displaced women and children
Press Briefing by White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials 2 July
COVID-19 Pandemic Brought on a Substantive Setback for Persons with Leprosy who must be Recognised as a Vulnerable Group with Regard
Fifth Anniversary of Terrorist Attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Internet shutdowns now ‘entrenched’ in certain regions, rights council hears
Refugee health challenges remain high amid COVID-19
Bereavement care lacking for ethnic minorities
World Bank Financing for COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Exceeds $4 Billion for 50 Countries
Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty Calls for Creation of a Global Fund for Social Protection during Interactive Dialogue
Human Rights Council Holds Panel Discussion on Effects of Climate Change on Older People