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Mussel Sensors Pave Way for New Environmental Monitoring Tools
Transcript: Alexis George with Rafael Epstein – ABC Radio Melbourne Drive
More transparency and understanding into machine behaviors
Spider study explores how body type affects running
Graduates of comprehensive preschool program less likely to be obese in adulthood, NIH-funded study finds
Observed in vivo collective movement of nanorobots
Chemists gain new insights into behavior of water in an influenza virus channel
Why Are Young Adults Having Less Casual Sex?
Should you make your preferences clear? Study suggests yes
Not Just For Numbers: Anchoring Biases Decisions Involving Sight, Sound, and Touch
Artificial Light Affects Plant Pollination Even During Daytime
UCLA-led study traces gendered movement patterns among Tanzania’s Hadza hunter-gatherers
Conspiracy theories influence behavior
Ultrasound has potential to damage coronaviruses, study finds
U scientists plumb depths of world’s tallest geyser
Applying movie rental to purchase can be profitable, study finds
Motility allows Adaptation
Stanford-led study highlights importance of letting kids take lead
Scientists’ data will help in examining patients with stroke
Helpful behavior during pandemic tied to recognizing common humanity
New CRISPR screening technique developed at Vanderbilt leads to discovery of pathway that may be linked to cancer initiation
Revocation of License Granted for Dan Gertler
Membrane around tumors may be key to preventing metastasis
Concepts shape attitudes, that’s why we should improve them
FSU Office of Research Development to fund research of microaggressions and bystander intervention
Greenland ice loss may have begun as early as mid-80s
‘Falling insect’ season length impacts river ecosystems
Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
Scanning tunneling microscopy reveals origins of stable skyrmion lattices
Prescribed burns and other low-intensity fires are highly responsive to changes in winds
Musical Memories as Mood Boosters
Water influences stickiness of Hyaluronan
Designation of Two Ansarallah Leaders in Yemen
Researchers uncover how some animals sense gritty texture of their food
Burnout: How it Hurts, What Can Help
Metal whispering: Finding a better way to recover precious metals from electronic waste
Materials – Quantum building blocks
Picture books can boost physical activity for youth with autism
High smoking dependence linked to depression
3 Questions: Devavrat Shah on curbing online misinformation
Did teenage ‘tyrants’ outcompete other dinosaurs?
Male lyrebirds snare mates with ‘acoustic illusion’
Brain seasonality: Bean bug neurons need biological clock gene for seasonal egg-laying
Positive economic signs as confidence returns
New Insight into Nonlinear Optical Resonators Unlocks Door to Numerous Potential Applications
After Hurricane Irma, Soundscape Reveals Resilient Reef Ecosystem
A gene provides both protection and destruction
Game Theory May be Useful in Explaining and Combating Viruses, Researchers Conclude