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Imposing Sanctions on Iranian Entities for Activities Related to Conventional Arms Proliferation
Glass frogs living near roaring waterfalls wave hello to attract mates
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Girls Who Are Emotionally Neglected or Severely Sexually Abused When Young Report Riskier Sexual Behaviors
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Protecting and Preserving a Free and Open South China Sea
Fewer behavior problems in young foster care kids after PC-CARE program
United States – Georgia Memorandum of Understanding on 5G Security
Cliff Lampe: Social media shutdown
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
Richer You are, More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds
Geneticist’s research predicts and improves animal health and performance
Studying Chaos with One of World’s Fastest Cameras
Mathematics explains how giant ‘whirlpools’ form in developing egg cells
Aggressive Video Games: Effects on Mental Health and Behaviors in Young People
Mental disorders forecast chronic physical diseases, premature death
Effects of Head Trauma from Intimate Partner Violence Largely Unrecognized
NIH scientists study salmonella swimming behavior as clues to infection
Partisan politics prolong pandemic
Engineer awarded NSF grant to investigate acoustic graphene properties
Danish study finds link between ASD and suicidal behaviour
Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
A dozen not-to-be-missed 2020 stories
Cats may help increase empathy, decrease anxiety for kids with autism
Cannabidiol use during pregnancy affects brain and behavior in adulthood
Physicists get closer to examining symmetries underlying our universe
Gezonde eetlust blijft behouden bij reuk- en smaakverlies
U.S. Announces Designation of Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism
Potential Jurors Favor Use of Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicine
Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that encodes timing of events
Biologists discover bizarre ‘lasso’ snake locomotion
Analytical Measurements Can Predict Organic Solar Cell Stability
Some music makes it impossible to stand still
Lactating Grizzly Bears Use Cooling Baths to Avoid Heat Stress
We Wouldn’t Be Able to Control Superintelligent Machines
Timing and intensity of oral sex may affect risk of oropharyngeal cancer
Terrorist Designation of Ansarallah in Yemen
Scientists discover slimy microbes that may help keep coral reefs healthy
AFRL demonstrates first collaborative weapon technologies
Neural Networks Playing Video Games Teach Us About Our Own Brains
FSU researcher examines ways cocaine alters gene expression
Fast transport in carbon nanotube membranes could advance human health
For Right Employees, Even Standard Information Technology Can Spur Creativity
A Brain Mechanism underlying “Vision” in Blind is Revealed
4 Things Your Teen Needs
Insights Through Atomic Simulation
Designer protein patches boost cell signaling
Trophic cascades curtailed by prey use of dangerous places during safe times