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Growth of an organism rides on a pattern of waves
ANMF calls on community to stay home to stop spread of COVID-19
Dark Ice Project: An expedition across Arctic in darkness of an icy winter
Emotions play key role on social media during outbreaks, study suggests
Self-isolating? Quarantined? Working from home? Here are our tips for staying active
Staring into vortex
With Ritalin and similar medications, brain focuses on benefits instead of costs of work
New eCornell program offers wellness counseling skills
Research interrupted: Lab groups find their way together
UCPH researchers to be part of team researching social behavior during Covid-19 epidemic
Rapid, automatic identification of individual, live brain cells
Self-assembly required: Neutrons probe novel polymer behavior for biomedical materials
A new window into psychosis
Model simulator helps researchers map complex physics phenomena
‘Fatal attraction’: Small carnivores drawn to kill sites, then ambushed by larger kin
Further Sanctions on Entities Trading in or Transporting Iranian Petrochemicals
Women’s History Month 2020 at Oracle: Christina Cavanna on Trust and Community
Countering Violent Extremism in Nordics: A Question of Collaboration
Man faces court for multiple aviation charges
‘Sensory danger zones’: How sensory pollution impacts animal survival
Two hormones drive anemonefish fathering, aggression
General anesthesia not associated with indicator of Alzheimer’s disease
Mechanical forces shape animal “origami” precisely despite “noise”
Hero proteins are here to save other proteins
Intimate partner violence and economic hardship
How We Choose: Applying ‘Decision Science’ to Transportation Behaviors
ORNL neutrons add advanced polarization capability for measuring magnetic materials
UW Medicine limits hospital visitors for patients’ safety
Icarus is launched
Neutron star with eleven kilometres radius
Squatting and kneeling may be better for your health than sitting
Robots that admit mistakes foster better conversation in humans
Research on soldier ants reveals that evolution can go in reverse
Researchers find our brains are powerful – but secretive – forecasters of video virality
Strong signals show how proteins come and go
Why do sea turtles eat ocean plastics? New research points to smell
Mathematical model could lead to better treatment for diabetes
Life-Giving Potion and Maternal Elixir
HKU Engineering VAYU Project sets new Guinness World Record for “The Fastest 50m Swim by a Robotic
Penn State funds high-impact coronavirus research
Roll-Up TVs and Bendable Smart Phones: Toward More Choices for Flexible Electronic Materials
Dimming Betelgeuse likely isn’t cold, just dusty, new study shows
Temperature-responsive polymer points way to sustainable plastics
Australian voters reveal most important qualities for political leaders
Complex Biology Behind Your Love (or Hatred) of Coffee
Illness won’t stop vampire bat moms from caring for their offspring
Is life a game of chance?
Newly Discovered Brain Response to Obesity Drug May Inform Future Treatments