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Racial Inequalities Persist in Opioid Disorder Treatment Despite Health Care Contact
1 in 3 adults to be affected by anxiety disorders: What you should know
Teens more likely to misuse prescription stimulants with school ADHD meds
Teens with ADHD meds at school have higher abuse risk
Guidelines on Catatonia to Revolutionize Management
Overdose Deaths in Seniors Quadruple in 20 Years
Research: Cryptomarkets Boost Illicit Drug Trade
US Older Adults’ Drug Overdose Deaths Quadrupled in 20 Years: UCLA Research
Minister Addresses Overdose Crisis
Reducing Sleep Pill Use in Elderly: Patients & Caregivers Involved
Target Found to Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Primary Care Visit Length Tied to Inappropriate Prescribing
Bedtime or nighttime insomnia may increase dementia risk
NSW Police Launch ‘Drink Safe’ Coasters to Combat Drink Spiking
Do Sleep Medications Increase Your Chances of Dementia?
Sleep Meds Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
Overdose Deaths Don’t Spike with Prescribing Ease for Buprenorphine
Experts Urge Education, Surveillance Over Gov’t Regulation for Benzodiazepines
Record high overdose deaths reported among pregnant and postpartum women
Drug Used for Sleep Disorders Is Linked to Higher Risk of Overdose in Teens, Young Adults
Association for benzodiazepine treatment for sleep disorders With drug overdose risk among young people
Association between prenatal exposure to benzodiazepines and development of autism spectrum
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalisation and death
ADHD medication for amphetamine addiction linked to reduced risk of hospitalization and death
Children with severe form of epilepsy should receive flu vaccine due to high seizure risk after influenza infection
Fentanyl Vaccine Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Opioid Epidemic
Treating mood disorders with psychoactive drugs
Transcript for Telebriefing: Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Pain
Vodka, Benzodiazepines & Co: Dangerous Mix for Young People
Myotonic dystrophy: GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
NSW new fake ‘Kalma’ alprazolam tablets found to contain strong opioids
Psychiatrists disagree with U.S. policy on psychoactive drugs
Sleep medication use drops dramatically among Americans
For Older Patients with Blood Cancer Taking Multiple Medications, New Tool Links Use of Certain Medications to Risk of Frailty
There’s better way to detect high-risk medications in older adults with cancer according to new study in JNCCN
Father’s wish, bioethicist’s dilemma
New study evaluates pharmacological treatment for insomnia
Research sheds light on mechanism by which long-term anti-anxiety drug use affects brain
Access to safer supply rapidly increased during Covid: study
Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs are Putting Millions at Risk, New Study Says
Good news, bad news on risky medication use in nursing homes
Hospices vary widely in prescribing “comfort kit” medications
Pharmacists at higher risk of suicide than general population
Hospices vary widely in prescribing of “comfort kit” medications
Medication that lowers risk of overdose underused
Opioid overdose death toll has risen more than 5-fold among Indigenous Americans over past decade
Researchers discover mechanism behind chemically induced suppression of fearful memories