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Another lap won in race against time
Algorithm improves fairness of search results
Hellofresh to become first global carbon-neutral meal kit company
Australians urged to join global study of COVID-19 mental and physical health impacts
Visualising cell’s molecular machinery in action
On Surface, Dominant Facets Get More Action
Smaller habitats worse than expected for biodiversity
New study offers roadmap for coal phase-out
Cabinet Secretary lecture at Blavatnik School of Government
Breaks in genome
When landscapes change, conservation strategies must change as well
FMP spin-off Tubulis acquires €10.7 million for development of novel antibody drug conjugates
Where is water during a drought?
Robust laser technology for climate satellites
Francesca on song with noteworthy initiative
Study finds hidden emotions in sound of words
Hammer-on technique for atomic vibrations in a crystal
When calling loudly, echolocation is costly for small bats
More biofuel from same amount of biomass
What COVID-19 is teaching us
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks on Safely Reopening America’s Schools
Maryna Viazovska, explorer of mathematical dimensions
Highest peak power and excellent stability – record parameters for amplified ultrashort pulses
Dividing Australia’s two biggest states is chaos in making
Lifeline For Victoria’s Famous Live Music Venues
What if we cannot find a vaccine? German and Australian scientists discuss COVID-19
Light from inside tunnel
Osmotic stress identified as stimulator of cellular waste disposal
Change of Her Majesty’s Consul-General to Jerusalem Spring 2021
Creators and shapers announced for Impact Australia accelerator program
Cattle vs. hippopotamus: Dung in rivers of savannah
Joint statement from Foreign Secretary and German Foreign Minister following bilateral meeting in Berlin
European foreign ministers meet to discuss Iran
Measles virus much older than previously thought
High-tech CT reveals ancient evolutionary adaptation of extinct crocodylomorphs transitioning from land to water
Wind farms in Black Sea coast region could have a negative impact on bat populations
New Musicals Encyclopedia Published on Internet
RegWatchEurope Board meeting
How brain controls our speech
Academy reports national progress in diversity and inclusion during 2019
Novel method sheds new light on tumour-suppressing RNA
Unique measurement system for 5G-MIMO and space applications
Seven NFB-produced or co-produced works showing at We Are One: A Global Film Festival
Fighting hospital germs with UVC light-emitting diodes
Julie Roy appointed Director General of Creation and Innovation at NFB
Coronavirus and regional security UK statement on Foreign Ministers’ meeting
An inclusive political solution in Libya is still greatly needed
Life after lockdown: our perceptions of public space will change