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High-flux table-top source for femtosecond hard X-ray pulses
Researchers further reveal inner workings of pathogenic bacteria
Current research improves working conditions for health workers
Global challenges require global solutions: UN chief
UVC light-emitting diodes to fight coronaviruses
UN chief commends Germany’s commitment to multilateralism throughout ‘dramatic year’
No false certainty
TRNA fragments are involved in poststroke immune reactions
Embryonic development in a Petri dish
Magnesium contact ions stabilize macromolecular structure of transfer RNA
Moving forward by moving
Device aims to improve balance for hearing impaired
VR saves training day during COVID 19
KIT and Audi Are Working on Recycling Method for Automotive Plastics
Erlangen researchers investigate effects Sars-CoV-2 has on digestive system
Drama Report 2019/20 shows impact of pandemic on screen industry
On Libya
NFB at Sommets du cinéma d’animation, December 1 to 6, 2020
Sharing our vision for future
$3M commitment from Berggruen Institute to support UCLA research partnership
Abundance of prey species is key to bird diversity in cities
Project to help vision impaired people engage with astronomy wins award
CODE Souvenir Geelong to showcase local makers
National Centre for High Performance Computing to be established at FAU
Light shed on atomic resolution structure of phage DNA tube – a methodological milestone
New British Ambassador to Germany
Project examines impact of counter-terrorism measures on residents’ everyday experience in European cities
Counselor Brechbühl’s Travel to Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Romania
Future that Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves
Surprising insights into role of autophagy in neurons
Myelin optimizes information processing in brain
Thailand heading for Tiananmen Square or Berlin Wall moment
Commander addresses Reserve Mobility capabilities at A/TA 2020
New mineral from Moon could explain what happens in Earth’s mantle
New views on a 40-year-old catalyst
Specialised omnivores – individual red foxes prefer different foods in city and countryside
Remarks by Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger to London-based Policy Exchange
We need a safety net for biodiversity
COVID-19: meaning in life and self-control protect against stress
Energy System 2050: Solutions for Energy Transition
Secure satellite communication – Berlin team wins INNOspace Masters 2019/20
Revolutionary genome editing tool recognised by Nobel Prize in Chemistry
95th session of Executive Council of OPCW
Under Secretary Hale’s Participation in Ministerial Level Meeting on Libya
Twisting magnetization with light – Laser pulses enable faster creation of skyrmions in magnets
Scientists call for support for European Reference Genome Atlas to decipher genomes of all European species
ABC’s Operation Buffalo goes off in Berlin
Atom-Billiards with X-Rays: a new Approach to look inside of Molecules