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History, music, physics harmonize in keyboard project
Serum aldosterone in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Lack of Access to Information and Justice Among Main Challenges of Families of Missing Migrants in Zimbabwe
VP&S Doctors as Olympians
Q-CTRL unveils machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors
Rougher Interfaces May Increase Efficiency of Next-Generation Solar Cells
Chemotherapy can induce mutations that lead to pediatric leukemia relapse
Global vaccination push that brought world ‘arm-to-arm’
Albert Einstein at 50
Nuclear science, engineering spark collaborations across Penn State and beyond
Importance of knowledge-rich curriculum
Vaccine acceptance higher in developing nations than U.S
Retailers overestimate car use
Understanding physics in new metals
New alpine moth solves 180-year-old mystery
Research reveals vaccine hesitancy lower in poorer countries
Germany reinforces its commitment to support WHO’s work
Sperm migration in genital tract – computer simulations identify key factors for reproductive success
Sustaining momentum towards elections in Libya
Research at ESMT Berlin reveals potential variance in academic research
Inauguration of new main headquarters of Helmholtz Institute in Erlangen
New insights for species conservation
ABC appoints Joe Gelonesi to lead ABC Classic and ABC Jazz networks
Emotions and cultural importance are most important for acceptance of large carnivore management strategies
Faster statistical analysis of large data sets
Molecules in motion: researchers capture six new structures of ribosome in action
New data on public health impact of chemicals: knowns and unknowns
Making optimal use of mathematical research data
Cutting through noise for better solar cells
‘They just kept on rising’: data reveals alarming increase in greenhouse gases
‘They just kept on rising’: data reveals alarming greenhouse gas increase
Statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Finalizing Preparations for Libyan Elections
New tools for pandemic prevention research
Looking for similarities across complex systems
Smart transfer rules can strengthen EU climate policy
Unique portraits take shape at Art with an Artist seminar
U.S.-Germany Dialogue on Holocaust Issues
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Libyan Interim Prime Minister Dabaiba
Caloric Restriction Alters Microbiome, Enhancing Weight Loss but Increasing Pathogenic Bacteria
U.S. President Biden Announces 17 Key Nominations
Nature article: Dieting and its effect on gut microbiome
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with German Chancellor Merkel
Secretary-General underlines UN commitment to Libya
Asian elephants do more than just trumpet — they buzz their lips to squeak
United States and Libya
United States and Germany: Strengthening Our Alliance
Lord Mayor’s Defence and Security Speech
New method for molecular functionalization of surfaces