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Overestimating population immunity contributed to U.S. Delta variant surge
UOW to partner on national research into antimicrobial resistance
Alcohol may be more risky to heart than previously thought
Hampshire girl wins Blue Peter Competition to design satellite logo for first UK launch
Striking new snake species discovered in Paraguay
Commission refuses application for more gaming machines
Farmers are finding new following on social media
Former manager charged over theft of cash from supermarket at Liverpool
Explore Barossa heritage with new app
Good Friday: Sacred street theatre performance invites Sydney to table
UNC Landmark Study Paves Way for Universal Obstetric Ultrasound
Young Australian Migration Lawyer of Year
New iEdison is Coming This Summer
Surprising diversity of fallopian tube
UNE to host worldwide climate teach-in on March 30
Royal recognition for Dyfed cadets
LLNL scientists confirm thermonuclear fusion in sheared-flow Z-pinch
Free non-residential spring school in geoscience
Surprising Semiconductor Properties Revealed with Innovative New Method
Structural sexism and anti-LGB stigma linked to poor birth outcomes in US
Large-Scale Liquid Water Existed on Mars Much Longer than Suspected
Shining light on link between lung fibrosis and bacterial infection
Covid case trajectories may be predicted by surveying communities
Professor to probe toll of virtual interaction at workplaces
Spotlight on Barossa villages, townships & trails
Spotlight on Barossa villages, townships & trails
Artworks explore theme of connection
Carols returning to Ruffey Lake Park
Major life events influence level of physical activity, may negatively impact heart health
Popular blood thinners may lead to brain bleeding after head injury
Online exhibition of artworks by Coventry artists reflecting university research launches in December
Unlocking keys to climate change hidden in New Zealand’s caves
Female mentors empower girls to reach for stars in space careers
Hyphenated Biennial: Bringing art to West Melbourne’s community
This device could usher in GPS-free navigation
Bethany’s love of planning brings academic success
By 2500 earth could be alien to humans
University co-hosts inaugural Fab City Plymouth Open Day
Research explores smoking risk factors and prevention among transgender and gender expansive adults
Modern slavery, environmental degradation, and climate change: Pathways for addressing nexus
Computational protein design utilizes unnatural amino acids
Healthy changes in diet, activity improved treatment-resistant high blood pressure
Global Incubator Seed Grants awarded
Missing teenager Bethany 10 September
Visionary research celebrated with Fellowships
Missing teenager Bethany
Tiger sharks have social preferences for one another
Today at Apple Creative Studios expands to Chicago and Washington, D.C