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Transgender Medical Services at UConn Health Helping Patients Live Their Authentic Lives
Finding true love – with thanks to chaplains
Study finds health benefits of ‘aging in place’ at TigerPlace
Best medicine? Humour can be double-edged part of grieving
Discovering Adulterer’s Guide: Aotearoa’s Wicked Bible
Ben Quash and Wim Wenders on Bible and its legacies
Blueprint to be unveiled for for real industrial relations reforms
Search is on for NT’s best history book
Four crimes you didn’t know you were committing
Alphacrucis College recognised as Australia’s first Pentecostal University College
Family, faith and culture form learning experience
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Protecting Right to Vote
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Memorial for Senator Harry Reid
Remarks By President Biden To Mark One Year Since January 6th Deadly Assault On U.S. Capitol
Incarcerated men’s religious beliefs did not improve their reentry-related outcomes
Exploring stories behind names to build inclusive classrooms
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Memorial Service of Senator Robert J. Dole
Suffragan Bishop of Loughborough 12 November 2021
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Memorial of Former Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner
Connection to Real World: Revelation is Revealed
Eltham traffic project gets green light
AFCLC provides language support to DoD missions
Appointment of Dean of St Albans 6 September
Full breadth of Australian Church unites in call for Australia to take in 20,000 Afghan refugees
Is LGBTQ progress an attack on Christianity?
Women collecting Middle East: collaborators and collections
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Funeral Ceremony of Senator John Warner
WVU research finds ‘excess deaths’ in Amish and Mennonite communities during pandemic
Pam Melroy Sworn in as NASA Deputy Administrator
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Signing of Juneteenth National Independence Day Act
Boosting sustainable transport, cutting traffic in Eltham
Canada invests in projects to improve access to services for persons with disabilities in Cumberland and Colchester
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at 153rd National Memorial Day Observance
UNE, Salvation Army partnership aims to improve programming for older adults in Portland
Provenance: How an object’s origin can facilitate authentic, inclusive storytelling
Palestinian conflict: A primer on long-standing dispute over Gaza
Violence-legitimizing verses in religious scriptures increase support for lethal violence
West Hants, Port Hawkesbury and Bible Hill in Nova Scotia receive support for stronger asset management practices
‘Til death – or adultery – do us part: bad old days of divorce
Adam blaming Eve in Garden of Eden laid foundations for our modern-day legal system
Canada protecting species at risk habitat in greater Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve area
Tradies take up tools on new school at Greenbank
Newly founded: Buber-Rosenzweig Institute as a prominent research centre on modern Judaism
Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurates Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park in Amhara State
Baylor University and Africa New Life Ministries Announce Partnership
Pressure Builds a Leader in Siena
Is there a Nordic Bible?
Manuscript leaf from thirteenth century ‘Glastonbury Bible’ returns to South West