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New Plant Species Named After Don Quixote, Found in La Mancha, Spain
1 March 2023, Cr Anna De Villiers- Carisbrook Mercury
Russia accused of causing ‘widespread death and destruction’ in Ukraine
How Forbidden Fruit Became Apple
Researchers Create Model to Predict Smartphone Use in Churches
New Model Predicts Smartphone Use in Church: Baylor Researchers
15 February 2023, Cr Anna De Villiers- Carisbrook Mercury
Rethink your routine during National Multicultural Festival
Angela Davis: Renewing Fight Against Racism
Swamidass named AAAS fellow
Exhibition Sheds Light on Darién Gap Migrant Journey
Biden Honors MLK at White House Event
Research: Religion Not Main Driver of Evolution Rejection in Schools
University academic wins prestigious national book prize for ‘provocative’ analysis of God
Uncovering secrets of ‘SuperAgers’
Second Taki Plaza Lecture: future for science and technology talent
UK Government hub Tŷ William Morgan officially opened
Kanye West and Elon Musk both need education on Raelian symbol
First sentence ever written in Canaanite language discovered
Was Choreographer George Balanchine Ahead of His Time-Or of It?
Shepherds of Earth poses dilemma between tradition and nature conservation in Africa at SUNCINE Festival
Mona Siddiqui brings historical depth into contemporary debates on Islamic thought, ethics and Christian-Muslim relations
Bible – Fact or Fiction?
Research on equality in healthcare
Holding on to Hopkins’ history
WW2 airman buried in Netherlands
Ancestors Irreparably Damaged Timna Valley Environment 3000 Years Ago
Desire, agency and gender important in ancient Near Eastern love poetry
50 years ago, University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute was tapped to design and run internet
Honey has sweet potential for wound healing, argue scientists
Remarks by Vice President Harris at National Baptist Convention 142nd Annual Session
Researchers identify 1st Roman military amphitheater in Israel’s ‘Armageddon’
‘Drawing for Dummies’, but in Renaissance
Medieval roots or modern fantasy? Scholars to gather in 2024
X marks spot in elemental analysis of 15th century printing press methods
How climate crisis is perpetuating hate crimes in South Africa
Apple partnerships are helping build new homes and new starts in communities across California
Torture, Disappearances in Occupied South in Ukraine
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Israeli Presidential Medal of Honor Reception
Transgender Medical Services at UConn Health Helping Patients Live Their Authentic Lives
Finding true love – with thanks to chaplains
Study finds health benefits of ‘aging in place’ at TigerPlace
Best medicine? Humour can be double-edged part of grieving
Discovering Adulterer’s Guide: Aotearoa’s Wicked Bible
Ben Quash and Wim Wenders on Bible and its legacies
Blueprint to be unveiled for for real industrial relations reforms
Search is on for NT’s best history book
Four crimes you didn’t know you were committing