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Genomes reveal new insights into iconic Aussie animals
Broad Institute and Verily partner with Microsoft to accelerate next generation of Terra platform for health and life science
COVID-19 genome sequencing project gets major upgrade
Genomes reveal insights into much-loved Aussie animals
New insights into iconic Aussie animals
Single-cell analysis of metastatic gastric cancer finds diverse tumor cell populations associated with patient outcomes
Recovering resources from wastewater streams supports circular economy
BioAFMviewer software for simulated atomic force microscopy of biomolecules
Using data to solve biological problems
Team wins grant to study ‘trained immunity’ with Japanese researchers
New Salmonella Proteins Discovered
Bright ideas among $31M Australian Government funding boost
FDA Enlists Georgia Tech to Establish Best Practices for RNA-sequencing
Pressure Sensor of Venus Flytrap
New COVID-19 Testing Approach Measures Patients’ Immune Response for Better Diagnosis
Seventeen genetic abnormalities that cause brain aneurysms
New Alzheimer’s disease pathway discovered, providing earlier target for potential therapies
Genomics innovation hub to drive research and clinical impact
Illuminating Investment In Medical Research And Jobs
Researchers developed a sequence analysis pipeline for virus discovery
Genetic diversity in practice
Aalto-Helsinki student team awarded gold medal in iGEM 2020 Giant Jamboree
Researchers Find Mitochondrial Dysregulation Driving Spaceflight Health Risks
National recognition for WEHI bioinformatics researchers
$5.1M for genome engineering at Concordia
Pediatric Neurologist from CHOP, Penn Medicine Receives Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award
New prediction algorithm identifies previously undetected cancer driver genes
Marina van Damme Fund awards two Wageningen grants to female engineers
Griffith and Nanostring launch Centre of Excellence in spatial biology
Researchers find that a type of RNA monitors genome to help ensure its integrity
National Centre for High Performance Computing to be established at FAU
UniSA researchers awarded $2.8 million for new projects
ARC Discovery Projects success
Blog post: nose of this wormy-shaped bacterium has a surprising symmetry
Vanderbilt contributes to ‘Google Earth’ of human body, starting with kidney
UB takes part in genome sequencing of all birds worldwide
Large-scale cancer proteomics study profiles protein changes in response to drug treatments
Molecular epidemiologist tracks virus with genome sequencing and comparative phylogenetic analysis
Using machine learning to track pandemic’s impact on mental health
Researchers pave way for supercows
Gene expression changes in brain of tame domestic rabbits
Silencing gene expression to cure complex diseases
COVID-19: Dexamethasone Discovery Carries Treatment Implications
EOSC: shaping Europe’s digital future
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation funds molecular medicine research
Researchers help complete world first wasp genome project
Los Alamos National Laboratory brings next-generation HPC to fight against COVID-19
Open data sharing accelerates COVID-19 research