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AusBiotech appoints new director, Dr James Campbell
New algorithm uses online learning for massive cell data sets
Novel guidelines help select optimal deconvolution method
Hossam Zaki: Innovating medical care through artificial intelligence
Dog Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2, UConn Surveillance Finds
Researchers identify surface protein as a new osteosarcoma therapeutic target for antibody-drug conjugates
Antibody binding-site conserved across COVID-19 virus variants
Linking genetics and age-related diseases
ART-CARMA Clinical Study part of 6m Euro global programme
A Swiss Army Knife for Genomic Data
UC group launches clinical trial using CRISPR to correct sickle cell disease gene defect
One year on from sequencing Covid-19 genome, Sheffield shares new research on UK variant
Lung cancer resistance: key is glucose
Revealing way a critical enzyme works in cell
Scientists bring polygenic risk scores closer to clinical use
NIH researchers develop guidelines for reporting polygenic risk scores
Fighting antibiotic resistance through new diagnostics
Proteomics analysis IDs potential drug targets for aggressive cancers
Exeter Professor selected for EPSRC’s Strategic Advisory Network
New human reference genomes reveal greater diversity
Overlooked Cilium Could Be Genetic Key to Common Diseases
Brown, Lifespan, Care New England to create integrated academic health system
“Good bacteria” in breast milk changes over time
Researchers develop speedier network analysis for a range of computer hardware
SRC-3: novel regulator of T regulatory cells
Researchers ID blood protein that sheds light on common, post-operative complication
Finding coronavirus’s helper proteins
New global data platform facilitates researchers across world in linking genetic and metabolic data
Why more contagious variants are emerging now, more than a year into COVID-19 pandemic
Imoukhuede, Payne named AIMBE Fellows
UB scientists Anna Ferré Mateu and Katharina Heil, chosen in an international project on leadership for women
Illumina and University of Melbourne to set up A$60m Genomics Hub
Protein sequences provide clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
Genes that dance to circadian rhythm
A Small Protein in Bacteria Overlooked Up to Now
Study’s findings may help eventually close door on COVID-19
AFOSR advances science of wound-healing technology
Holehouse receives grant for protein analysis
Patrick Cramer receives 2021 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine
Study defines small-cell lung cancer subtypes and distinct therapeutic vulnerabilities for each type
NIH researchers identify new genetic disorder that affects brain, craniofacial skeleton
Working in wild to help protect animals and humans from zoonoses
At Duke, Future of Pathology Lies in AI
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 lineage
Youths With Mood Disorders Who Use Marijuana At Higher Risk For Death, Self-Harm
New study programme targeted at biotech, pharma and food
New computational tool reliably differentiates between cancer and normal cells from single-cell RNA-sequencing data
Genomes reveal new insights into iconic Aussie animals