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Micro-scaled method holds promise for cancer diagnosis
Open position in FinPharma: University Researcher
Refining Breast Cancer Classification by Multiplexed Imaging
Unanticipated response to estrogen at single cell level
Beauty sleep could be real, say Body Clock biologists
Factcheck study shows that Mendel’s statistics add up
Falcons see prey at speed of Formula 1 car
January 15: ‘Little things: Big impact’ workshop
Bristol discovery reveals tractionless motion is possible
Micro-RNAs Keep Stem Cells From Growing Up Too Fast
His Excellency Jack to represent Queensland’s youth
Schaal named to agricultural research foundation
Developing next generation of anticoagulant
How flowers adapt to their pollinators
How a protein in your brain could protect against Alzheimer’s disease
A Freiburg research team deciphers how stem cells decide their identity
Battle of sexes
Non-invasive microscopy detects activation state and distinguishes between cell types
Research uncovers first evidence of RNA-triggered phase separation
UO biology student recruits hogs to help hazelnuts
E-seminar Real-time PCR for food authenticity including horse DNA
Science of a Billboard Hit Song
UNESCO is seeking nominations for Carlos J. Finlay UNESCO Prize for Microbiology 2020
Launching Strategic Partnership: Kyoto University – University of Vienna
Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria
Scientists capture dynamic brain in action
SACE exams underway
NTCET Exams Commence for Nearly 1400 Students
Milk from Teeth: Dental Stem Cells Can Generate Milk-Producing Cells
Key role for calcium release in root development
Blocking cannabinoid receptors affects zebrafish development, study shows
Bacteria must be “stressed out” to divide
Bacterial Lifestyle Alters Evolution of Drug Resistance
Recipe for making a fruitfly
With Giotto, artificial intelligence gets a third dimension
Ways to Explore Brain
Pinpointing biomolecules with nanometer accuracy
Moon determines when migratory birds head south
Buttons and Flies Help Hopkins Solve Longtime DNA Mystery
Major consequences to disturbance of microscopic soil life
Mob mentality rules jackdaw flocks
Study gets to root of rice’s resilience to floods
‘Millennial bean’ could give UK a new home-grown plant protein
‘Breathing’ enzymes in fast motion
A Matter of Concentration
Math shows why animals see at night
Paradox of Different House flies with Few Genetic Differences
New hair follicles can corral skin cancer