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First animals developed complex ecosystems before Cambrian explosion
Ecological functions of streams and rivers severely affected globally
Vine removal technique foils devastating grape disease
Shedding new light on mechanism of individual cell memory, using yeast as model
Precursor of spine and brain forms passively
When more complex is simpler
What is current research about soil additions to help soil biology?
CUIMC Marathon Teams Set Records at Armory
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation
Discovery offers new clues to lichens’ evolutionary advantage
Space inside eggs steers first few steps of life
Researchers grow plants in soil from Moon
Jellyfish’s stinging cells hold clues to biodiversity
What Grasshoppers Feed On
Protecting fungi
Tough new penalties for animal welfare law breaches
Research with peel: FSU study on banana browning could help tackle food waste
More than 1 in 5 reptile species are threatened with extinction
Undergraduate biologists awarded 2022 Quatrano, Spector prizes
Banana spots can help tackle food waste – study finds
DNA provides unique look at moa and climate change
Research reveals brain searches for best way to move body
Frozen testicular tissue still viable after two decades
Whales evolved in three rapid phases, reveals largest study of its kind
Scientists solve problem of industrial waste from sugarcane processing in India
In Texas, two lizards battle for territory
Studying human development in dish
Influence of experimenters on results less strong than expected
Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities Result of Walking Upright
Psychopathic individuals more likely to have larger striatum region in brain: Study
Head, body, eye coordination conserved across animal kingdom, researchers find
Chronobiologists identify key circadian clock mechanism in cyanobacteria
Wallace wins 2022 Spector Prize
Switching to feral pig diet helped boost croc numbers
Researchers investigate self-regulation of an enzyme with critical cellular functions
Retinal cell map could advance precise therapies for blinding diseases
Forest as shelter for insects in warmer climates?
Researchers tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria
What do stem cell aggregates and whipped cream have in common?
Structures of Tetrahymena ‘s respiratory chain reveal diversity of eukaryotic core metabolism
Self-propelled, endlessly programable artificial cilia
OSAC’s Human Forensic Biology Subcommittee Develops DNA Analysis Process Map
Extreme winds, topography and vegetation influenced Oregon’s devastating 2020 megafires
Combining certain medications with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
Where I work: Seeing invisible
Quantum mechanics could explain why DNA can spontaneously mutate
Combining certain meds with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
Researchers highlight more equitable way to analyze DNA data from understudied groups