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Chimpanzees help trace evolution of human speech
Taming CRISPR’s collateral damage
Watching single protons moving at water-solid interfaces
Reproductive health three minute thesis winners announced
Climate change increases migration at expense of poor
Ignorance would be bliss: family ties that grind
Women are not advancing their research as much as men during pandemic, University researcher writes
A clue as to why it’s so hard to wake up on a cold winter’s morning
Insight into mechanism of treatment-resistant gonorrhea sets stage for new antibiotics
Sex bias in pain research
Fruit fly gene study critical first step in understanding complex human mating rituals
Towable sensor free-falls to measure vertical slices of ocean conditions
Reproducibility Crisis Might Be All in Your … Software
Elucidating mechanism of a light-driven sodium pump
Oldest Connection with Native Americans Identified Near Lake Baikal in Siberia
Researcher studies potential target for cancer
Cells in intestine nervous system and oligodendrocytes are affected in Parkinson’s disease
A new understanding of everyday cellular processes
How do birds understand ‘foreign’ calls?
‘Bee’ thankful for evolution of pollen
Birth of tentacles
Researchers to study ‘DNA’ of Earth’s interior
LLNL makes COVID-19 research public through new searchable data portal
A deeper connection to hyaline fibromatosis syndrome
Subcellular chatter regulates longevity
Study finds that aging neurons accumulate DNA damage
Analysis of 10,000 bird species reveals how wings adapted to their environment and behaviour
45,000 bird wing measurements reveal where best fliers live
Male treefrogs get jump on rivals
Bumblebee disease, reproduction shaped by flowering strip plants
Masks On, Ready to Work: Meet People Supporting COVID-19 Science
Exploiting tumor vulnerability
Need for a measured approach for relaxation of lockdown measures during COVID-19 pandemic
New study reveals life’s earliest evolution was more complicated than previously suspected
Three Ludwig Cancer Research scientists named Fellows of American Association for Cancer Research
Must be dreaming: Eye movements during sleep impact ability to process information
Carnivorous Plant Lifestyle is Gene Costly
Observing Proteins in their Natural Environment
Plant biologist to use NSF grant for maize development study
Study finds “volume dial” for turning neural communication up or down
Understanding role of our genes in SARS-CoV-2 infections
Making safe choices: It’s in our DNA
Time to kill scientific zombie that is ‘Nature v Nurture’ debate
Mice with patchy coats lay bare how stem cells endure
Researchers find protein that helps cancer cells to survive
Biodiversity impact of upland sheep grazing will take decades to recover
EMBL SPC facility supports COVID-19 projects
To climb like a gecko, robots need toes