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‘Vegetarian’ giant tortoise filmed attacking and eating seabird
Volcanism drove rapid ocean deoxygenation during time of dinosaurs
No-till production farmers can cut herbicide use, control weeds, protect profits
Birds Got Rhythm, Telling Us Something About How We Form Speech and Movement
Penn State Protein Ladder system
Trans-scale scope reveals big picture of tiny targets
Humans ditched swiveling hips for shorter stride than chimps
Study Sheds Lights on Phenotype and Sex-determination Locus of Seadragons
Science Week looks beyond microscope to landscape science
Understanding enzyme evolution paves way for green chemistry
Research sheds lights on phenotype and sex-determination locus of seadragons
National Science Week: Rima’s role
White clover’s toxic tricks traced to its hybridization
Infection method behind ‘crop killer’ bacteria revealed
Science Week looks beyond microscope to vegetation ecology
Orioles adapt location of their wintering grounds to weather condition, analysis of historical feathers show
2D sieving structure for DNA sequencing
Climate testing next generation of Australian trees – and safeguarding future of bush against rising temperatures
Does metabolic rate drive population size?
Researchers Develop New Way to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases
Researcher Probes How Testosterone Works in Brain
JCU’s global ranking success
Scientists investigate immune response to Covid variants
Hottest July on Record Another Climate Warning
Dual photoreceptor identified in an oceanic green picoplankton
Is it cheaper to be bigger? Lessons from extreme weapons of giraffe weevil warriors
Researchers take step to improve crops’ photosynthesis, yields
Scientist studies roundworms to understand how human cells die
Scientists develop new way to study neurodegenerative diseases
Getting cell culture research right
For trees, carbs are key to surviving insect defoliation
Dolphins Get 40s Flab, Too
Variations in sodium channel molecular composition may drive drug efficacy
Potential new therapeutic approach for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
Postdoc wins training grant
Why sunflowers face east
Pakrasi to work on positive farming effort
Shark diversity unaffected when dinosaurs were wiped out
Increased and targeted biodiversity survey efforts needed to close persistent knowledge gaps
World’s biodiversity maps contain many gaps
Insidious coral killer invading Palmyra Atoll reef
Researchers discover interior organization of nucleolus
New insights into how ‘first brain’ works in gut
‘phytoplankton factory’: from nutrients to algae growth
Unveiling process driving foundation of ocean ecosystems
Comparing DNA changes in blood stem cells and leukemia cells could help pick out children with high-risk AML
Light therapy helps burn injuries heal faster by triggering growth protein
Collective motions in multicellular systems: Theories unifying physics and biology