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Scientists studying new method to model bladder cancer treatments
How has Covid pandemic impacted diagnosis of new cancers?
Cancer survival rates are improving in Australia
Cancer survival rates continue to improve, while death and incidence rates fall
Researchers develop quicker, more accurate Covid test
Leading researchers team up to bring promising chemotherapy treatment to human trials
2022 Fellowships to support improved health outcomes for cancer patients
Research tackles reducing bladder cancer recurrence
AZD8601 EPICCURE Phase II trial demonstrated safety and tolerability in patients with heart failure
Attitudes to death and dying in UK
New combination of old drugs improves survival of prostate cancer
Smaller is better for detecting biomarkers of trauma and cancer
Liquid biopsies may aid diagnosis, treatment of bladder, nerve tumors
City of Hope study suggests adding drug berzosertib to standard treatment for metastatic bladder cancer does not benefit patients
Research finds biomarker that may help predict benefits of immunotherapy
Blood-pressure drugs could improve colorectal cancer survival
Study: Common Blood Pressure Drugs Could Improve Colorectal Cancer Survival
Experimental drug that boosts immunotherapy reveals promise in bladder cancer study
Researchers find vital enzyme holds key to fight against cancer and viral infections
Women voice frustration over current care for recurrent urinary tract infections
New treatment option for advanced urothelial cancer patients reveals promise in phase 2 clinical trial
Read UK NSC’s annual report for April 2020 to March 2021
Advanced bladder cancers respond to immunotherapy regardless of gene mutation status
Imfinzi approved in China for treatment of extensive-stage small cell lung cancer
Aging-related conditions increase treatment burden in older cancer patients
Using light to treat drug-resistant tumors
New research suggests UK faces post-pandemic bereavement crisis and lasting legacy of grief
UK faces post-pandemic bereavement crisis and lasting legacy of grief
Cancer Survivor Finds Peace with New Lifestyle
Imfinzi demonstrated unprecedented survival in unresectable, Stage III lung cancer with 43% of patients surviving five years
Immunotherapy after bladder cancer surgery may reduce recurrence, study shows
SWOG researchers advance cancer care at virtual ASCO 2021
New sensor could help guide cancer treatment options in patients
Male bladder cancer vulnerability could lead to a new treatment approach
Personalized Cancer Vaccine Guided by Mount Sinai Computations Is Safe, Shows Potential Benefit Against Multiple Tumor Types
Resistance to Immunotherapy in Patients with Urothelial Bladder Cancer Is Traced to Specific Sets of Immune Cells
Uprooting cancer: Hydrogel rapidly reverts cancer cells back to cancer stem cells
New resources to help people with rare and less common cancers
Study finds high tumor mutation burden predicts immunotherapy response in some, but not all, cancers
Coming Sooner Than You May Think: Amazing Potential of AI in Health Care
Toward a disease-sniffing device that rivals a dog’s nose
New class of drug leads to 30 per cent reduced risk of death for bladder cancer patients
Biofortified foods fuel healthy microbiome, combat malnutrition
Target of new cancer treatment valid for breast as well as blood cancers: study
MD Anderson and UroGen Pharma announce strategic research collaboration to advance investigational treatment for high-grade bladder
Sheffield clinical trials aim to improve detection and treatment of bladder and prostate cancer
Tonsley takes Flinders on steep learning curve
Dual checkpoint blockade promising as pre-surgical approach for certain patients with localized bladder cancer