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Chemotherapy fails for some blood cancer patients because of crucial gene mutations
NTU-SGH study finds reason why chemotherapy fails for some blood cancer patients
New national study recruiting immunocompromised people to assess prevention of Covid infection
New Insights into T-Cell Exhaustion Could Improve Cancer Immunotherapies, Penn Study Finds
Study Finds Sequencing Bone Marrow DNA after CAR-T Can Accurately and Sensitively Predict Leukemia Relapse
Sequencing of bone marrow DNA may predict leukemia relapse after CAR-T therapy with sufficient time to intervene
Discovery of ‘sleepy’ dormant cells that resist chemotherapy paves way to new therapies
Important genetic predispositions for acute myeloid leukemia discovered
Fighting blood diseases with artificial intelligence
2022 Fellowships to support improved health outcomes for cancer patients
Scientists Identify New Types of Blood Cancer and Potential Targeted Treatments
Target prevents T-cell exhaustion, boosts CAR T-cell responses
Researchers identify new types of blood cancer and potential targeted treatments
Pfizer Completes Acquisition of Trillium Therapeutics
Research in JNCCN reveals disturbing lack of key leukemia medication
Highly Cited Researchers 16 November
New technique may lead to safer stem cell transplants
Collaboration on Data and Computational Sciences Announces Next Round of Projects to Advance Cancer Breakthroughs
Research reveals Covid breakthrough cases can be severe for people with blood cancers
AstraZeneca advances ambition to redefine care for blood cancer at ASH 2021
$2m NHMRC success for Centenary Institute researchers
Tricks of lymphomas
2021 Research Excellence Awards celebrate three of WA’s brightest researchers
Study offers hope for deadly side effect of bone marrow transplants
New and amended PBS listings to help thousands of Australians
RACGP: Anxiety over vaccine mandates will not exempt you from receiving Covid vaccine
Cancer researcher wins $1.25M CSL Centenary Fellowship
IUPUI scientist awarded $792,000 from American Cancer Society to study DNA repair
Poor immune response in many double- vaccinated blood cancer patients
King’s spin out Leucid Bio wins funding boost for CAR-T therapies
Treatment enhances anti-leukemia effect of bone marrow transplant, reduces recurrence
Life-changing research outcomes to be showcased at Telethon 2021
Researcher discovers key gene responsible for cancer antibiotic resistance
Scientists identify new drug target for blood cancer, potentially solid tumors
Two world leaders in palliative care at Lancaster
Record year for University of Manchester’s Innovation Factory
Haynes Group raises over $10,000 shaving in support of blood cancer
CAR-T immunotherapy could be improved to kill solid tumors
Landmark PBS Listings to reduce cost of medicines for Australians
Rare cancer of immune cells linked to gene mutations in bone marrow and smoking
Counting cells may shed light on how cancer spreads
Experimental Drug Development Approach Points to Better Targeted Therapies for Treatment-Resistant Leukemia
Virgin Australia extends Starlight partnership with AFL Grand Final Wish
New Zealand invests in cutting edge cancer R&D
New Zealand invests in cutting edge cancer R&D
Shielding programme ends for most vulnerable
Charting multi-omic universe
Why Are Black Cancer Patients at Higher Risk for Blood Clots?