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Australia’s first strategic action plan for blood cancers
Hodgkin lymphoma: marker of poor clinical evolution identified
UPMC Hillman Offers New Immunotherapy for MCL
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
Gene therapy research for HIV awarded $14.6 million NIH grant
Blood cancer diagnoses up 38% while regional patients face biggest barriers to survival
Blood cancer patients are most vulnerable to COVID-19
New NUS research breakthrough: circASXL1-1 regulates BAP1 deubiquitinase activity in Leukemia
New Multiple Myeloma Therapy Shows Promise in Preclinical Study
National Cancer Institute Designates Penns Abramson Cancer Center as Exceptional
NUS and NCIS researchers apply novel AI platform to give lymphoma patients a new ray of hop
Dana-Farber to offer first CAR T-cell therapy for mantle cell lymphoma following FDA approval
CAR-T cell therapy shows promising results against Hodgkin lymphoma
Two immunotherapies merged into single, more effective treatment
Monash University scientists engineer low-cost immunotherapies
Penn to Co-Lead $6.5 Million Transatlantic Grant to Investigate Role of Immune System in Heart Disease
Engineered immune cells recognize, attack human and mouse solid-tumor cancer cells
$1.62 million for rare cancer research
Discovery of aggressive cancer cell types by Vanderbilt researchers made possible with machine learning techniques
UNSW to lead new drug trial for rare blood cancer
UNSW to lead trial of new drug for rare blood cancer
Blood cancer find raises new treatment hopes
Queen’s Birthday Honour for blood cancer researcher
$2 million SBIR grant fast-tracks cancer drug platform technology, which aims to better treat relapse
Impact of COVID-19 infection in blood cancer patients
New pill could prevent anaphylaxis in people with food, drug allergies
Expanded PBS medicines listings to provide new treatment options for over 170,000 asthmatics
New combination therapy now reimbursed for Australians living with incurable blood cancer
Blood cancer researcher elected Academy Fellow
£22 million awarded to life-saving health charities during virus outbreak
$10.6 million in crucial health and medical research
New follow-up models to bring cancer care closer to home
Dana-Farber to test blood cancer drug in COVID-19 patients
Four new projects announced for National Drug Discovery Centre
Researchers Report Sharp Decline in Patient Visits for Heart Attack
Killing ‘sleeper cells’ may enhance breast cancer therapy
High Cost of Cancer Drugs Not Always Justified
Cancer researchers find more effective way to deliver promising breast cancer treatment
Research brings new knowledge of Graft-versus-host disease mechanisms
New cancer drug shrinks tumors, reduces side effects, in animal studies
Researchers Reveal Important Genetic Mechanism Behind Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Immunizing with plasma to combat COVID-19
Cancer Mutation in Dual Role
Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Joel Embiid, 76ers Managing Partner Josh Harris, and Co-Managing Partner David Blitzer Join Forces to Provide $1.3…
Breakthrough medicines now available for blood cancer, breast cancer, HIV and epilepsy
Australians living with an incurable blood cancer set to receive new reimbursed treatment option
This Is Breakthrough: Dr. Dan Pollyea
Australians living with an incurable blood cancer set to receive new reimbursed treatment option