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New 20-Year Study Challenges Chromosome-Cancer Link
CAR T Cells Improve Quality of Life for Patients
Research Brings Hope in Battle Against Blood Cancers
Link named oncology division director
Clinical trial gives singer more time with band
COVID vaccine triggers strong T cell responses in leukemia patients
UW Researchers Uncover Cell Type to Prevent Marrow Transplant Issues
UW Res. Find Cell Type to Prevent Marrow Transplant Complication
Leukemic Mutation Doesn’t Always Lead to Leukemia
Mutation Linked to Leukemia Unlikely to Always Lead: USC Mouse Study
Preventing cancer relapse with genetic test
Sam Neill’s Rare Lymphoma: Clinical Trials Show Promise
Advances in Treating Multiple Myeloma: Mayo Clinic Expert
MS/PML Experts: Genetic Test Prevents Fatal Brain Infection
Mixed-Race Woman Cured of HIV in First-of-its-Kind Case: Report
Marker for AML Therapy Response Identified
Novel Models to Study Multiple Myeloma Disease
Strategy to Improve T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors Found
Potential Strategy to Improve T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors
AI Model Detects Atopic Dermatitis Complications, Malignancies
Normalizing Blood Vessels May Boost Immunotherapy for Brain Cancer
Gut Bacteria Affects CAR T Therapy in Lymphoma Patients
AI-Assisted Analysis Reveals New CAR-T Cell Targets for AML
Cause of leukaemia in trisomy 21
KAIST Develops Smart Immune System to Target Tumors
Childhood Leukemia Type Targets Splicing Deregulation
Blood Test Predicts Leukemia Relapse Post-Transplant
Treatment Strategy Found for Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome
Vitamin B5 May Boost RBC Production in MDS Patients
Dana-Farber Highlights Novel Therapies for Colorectal Cancer
Trial Testing New Cure for Deadly Rare Blood Cancer
Lives Lost to Blood Cancer Due to Postcode Lottery
New CAR T Therapy Promising for Blood Cancer Treatment
Research Shows Whole Genome Sequencing Offers Unprecedented Look at Hodgkin Lymphoma Genetics
Does living along US-Mexico border affect chances of survival among children with leukemia?
UEA Researchers Develop New Cancer Treatment Method
Cancer Drug Resistance Explained by Research
St. Jude Investigates Causes of Accelerated Aging in Childhood Cancer Survivors
St. Jude Examines Blood Cells to Uncover Clones, Search for Early Aging Causes
New immunotherapy holds promise for ovarian cancer
Immunotherapy Could Treat Ovarian Cancer: Study
Research Suggests Lymphatic System May Produce Blood
Early-career researchers boosted in mission to beat cancer
Australian Blood Cancer Patients Face Unaffordable Costs
Regional Blood Cancer Patients Struggle with High Costs in Australia
PNU Researchers Find Gene That Controls Leukemia Development
Hospital Patients At Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance From Hidden Bacteria
Potent Drug Promising for Acute Leukaemia Treatment: Researchers