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Risk-directed childhood leukemia treatment takes a step forward
New vaccine advice for adults living with adults who are immunosuppressed
First FDA approval of CAR T-cell therapy for multiple myeloma marks milestone for patients
Image analysis based on machine learning reliably identifies haematological malignancies challenging for human eye
Hospital staff get their ‘Legs Out For Lymphoma’
Launch of new facility providing hope to patients with blood cancer
Award winning Australian Cancer Atlas doubles down on digits
Progress with blood cancer diagnosis
Research breakthrough for high-risk blood cancer patients
Scientists Discover Ways of Making Old Blood New Again
Dana-Farber to offer first CAR T-cell therapy for indolent follicular lymphoma following FDA approval
Ongoing study is testing COVID-19 vaccine on patients with compromised immune systems
Invasive weed may help treat some human diseases, researchers find
Childhood Cancer Survivors, Providers Satisfied with Video Visits for Long-term Follow-up
New avenues for eradicating cancer
Future of immunotherapy could be ‘off-the-shelf’ treatments
From lab to saving lives: Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi on becoming a serial entrepreneur
New recommendations aim to eliminate racial bias in myeloma trials
Researchers Unveil Blood Stem Cell-generating Mechanism
STING controversy: STING activation reduces graft-versus-host disease in a mouse model
HKUMed introduces Hong Kong’s first CAR-T cell therapy for blood cancer patients
Cancer researchers explore how to protect gut integrity to improve outcomes in blood cancers
Novel CAR-T cell receptor shows early promise for treatment of solid tumors
World’s Longest Hockey Game aims to move 10 years of cancer research closer to goal line
Cancer Breakthrough: Cells’ Uniqueness is Also Weakness
Scientists discover a new pathway essential for blood formation
Queensland research institute in new cell therapy trial
Target of new cancer treatment valid for breast as well as blood cancers: study
Cancer drug may help prevent strokes in diabetics Herald Sun
New cancer drug could also treat heart disease
Scientists are a step closer to developing ‘smart’ stem cells – and they’re made from human fat
UM171: molecule that keeps on giving
QIMR Berghofer scientist awarded Metcalf Prize for stem cell research
Scientists create ON-OFF switches to control CAR T cell activity
New measures to help Australia’s economic recovery in 2021
PBS listings bring greater hope in fight against multiple myeloma and severe psoriasis
Government funds first-of-its-kind blood cancer fighting medicine
Bright ideas among $31M Australian Government funding boost
CRISPR-edited CAR T Cells Enhance Fight Against Blood Cancers
Venetoclax added to standard treatments shows promise in high-risk myeloid blood cancers
Novel antibody-drug conjugate shows promising early results in rare blood cancer
Study reveals surprising benefit of clonal hematopoiesis in allogeneic transplants
Penn Medicine Researchers Chart a Path Forward with Unifying Definition of Cytokine Storm
Telix Pharmaceuticals acquires Swiss-German counterpart
Venclexta PBS listed as first line therapy for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia patients unfit for chemotherapy
Big Data Powers Design of ‘Smart’ Cell Therapies for Cancer
Exercise found to reduce menopausal symptoms in cancer survivors
Obesity affects stem cell transplants for cancer, blood disorder treatments