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Solid tumors use type of T cell as shield against immune attack
Major discovery provides new hope for blood cancer patients
Massive expansion of regional health database to help researchers unlock new insights into blood cancers
New research supports combining two clinical cancer drugs to treat specific type of colorectal cancers
Bridgestone Maintains Most Trusted Tyre Brand status across Australia and New Zealand
How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
Blood test could reveal transition to cancer in people at risk
Developing Cancer Treatments in Space
Targeting “anti-tumor” genes to provide better treatment for leukemia
York academics to lead pioneering blood cancer research
New toolkit to engineer safe and efficient therapeutic cells
Number of vaccine breakthroughs in cancer patients on rise
Novel Covid vaccine may provide protection for cancer patients with B-cell deficiencies
Friend or foe? immune system collaborates with blood cancer cells
Engineer s develop simple delivery method that enhances promising cancer treatment
Race receives human ethics approval for new trial
Novel acute myeloid leukemia subtypes identified
Third dose of Covid vaccine significantly increases immune responses in most patients with multiple myeloma
John Dick and Zulfiqar Bhutta win Canada Gairdner Awards
Vaccine protects most cancer patients from COVID, but risk remains higher for patients with blood cancers
Burst of accumulated zinc reveals how mineral boosts immune function, suggesting ways to improve health
Proclamation on National Donate Life Month, 2022
New gene targets for treating adult blood cancer
Blood cancer research supported with $5m grant
Blood cancer research supported with $5m award
Research reveals 10-second videos predict blood cancer relapse
Third Covid vaccination improves immune response in blood cancer patients
ACCC not satisfied of claimed benefits from proposed settlement between pharmaceutical companies
New papers give fresh promise for CAR T-cell cancer immunotherapy
Hollings researcher challenges current CAR-T-cell design to improve immunotherapy options
AstraZeneca’s antibody combination, Evusheld▼ authorised for use
Programming Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies
Ludwig Stanford study solves long-sought protein structure, shows how mutation drives blood cancers
After more than 20 years, scientists have solved full-length structure of Janus Kinase
Research reveals cancer patients do benefit from Covid vaccination
Researchers uncover genetic ‘bridge’ to leukemia progression
Patient helps others while participating in Hollings’ clinical trial for multiple myeloma
CAR-T therapy modifications provides new promise for cancer immunotherapies
Chimeric Therapeutics announces final results from Phase 1 trial of CORE NK Platform
Novel treatment makes pancreatic cancer susceptible to immunotherapy, mouse study shows
World Trade Center responders at higher risk for blood cancer-associated mutations
Novel treatment makes pancreatic cancer susceptible to immunotherapy
Study suggests additional Covid vaccine doses for immunocompromised patients
How body fights back against cancer
Rare cancer treatment approved by Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Researchers uncover new approach for treating aggressive cancer
Researchers investigate effectiveness of Covid vaccines for cancer patients
Arovella Therapeutics closes over-subscribed share purchase plan