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Cutting Breakfast Carbs Benefits Type 2 Diabetics
Moderate Protein Diet Could be Elixir of Youth: Study
Quitting Smoking Lowers Cardiovascular Risk in Cancer Survivors by 36%
Cancer Survivors Who Quit Smoking Have 36% Lower Cardiovascular Risk
ENDO 2023 Press Conferences to Showcase Diabetes Research and Emerging Tech
Self-Driven Disposable Sensor Measures Blood Glucose at Home
Scientists Target Human Stomach Cells for Diabetes Therapy
BU Lab’s Bionic Pancreas Cleared by FDA for Type 1 Diabetes
Metabolic Sensor May Play Role in Alzheimer’s, Say Wake Forest Scientists
PolyU and CUHK Create ABarginase, Novel Drug for Obesity Illnesses
Aussies Urged to Get Health Check for Kidney Health Week
New human epigenetics laboratory
Stroke survivors with high blood sugar have faster brain power decline
Liver cell insulin resistance reversal could treat type 2 diabetes
Research Shows Cardiovascular Health Disparities by Sexual Orientation
MyFitnessPal, Google Health integrate for CGM
Mobile Phone Calls Linked to Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure
Guidance: Stop Antibiotics After Incision Closure
Diet Tops Intestinal Defense in Gut Microbe Impact: Study
High-Throughput Experiments May Improve Diagnosis of Hereditary Diseases
King’s College London to Showcase Research at 2023 London Design Biennale
Research Reveals Behavior Patterns of Successful Weight Loss Achievers
How High Cortisol Really Affects Your Health
Understanding Cortisol: Don’t blame all health issues on it
New MRI Imaging Method Captures Brain Glucose Metabolism Without Radioactive Substances
Early pregnancy blood samples display risk of developing type 2 diabetes
New Analysis Finds UVA Artificial Pancreas Benefits Diabetics of All Ages
Research: More GPs Undercharge Medicare Than Overcharge
How high altitude changes body’s metabolism
Genetically Predisposed Obesity Lowers Cardiovascular Risk
Obesity due to genetics lowers cardiovascular disease risk
Engineers adapt smartphone for blood-sugar screening
Prototype Utilizes Smartphone Sensors to Screen for Prediabetes
New Obesity Treatment Offers Dramatic Weight Loss without Surgery or Nausea
Generating power with blood sugar
Managing your health during Ramadan fasting
Artificial Enzyme Developed to Quickly Detect Disease-Related Hormones in Sweat
Mindfulness can help diabetes sufferers
Clinical Trial Tests New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Māori, Pacific Patients Priority for Diabetes Drugs: Was it Justified?
Artificial Pancreas Benefits Blood Glucose Control in Kids: NIH Trial
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: No Meds Needed
COVID-19 Discovery May Shield High-Risk Patients
GIP Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice
Radiology: Key Member of HI Team
Smart nanotechnology for more accurate delivery of insulin
Smart Nanotech Boosts Insulin Delivery Accuracy
UVA Discovery Could Protect High-Risk Covid Patients