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Artificial Pancreas Eases Diabetes Management Burden
Better outcomes with early treatment of gestational diabetes
BU Lab’s Bionic Pancreas Cleared by FDA for Type 1 Diabetes
Metabolic Sensor May Play Role in Alzheimer’s, Say Wake Forest Scientists
Semaglutide Effective for Weight Loss in Real-World Study
Vitamin K helps protect against diabetes
Android Artificial Pancreas System Trials for Type 1 Diabetes in Adults
Whole Body Cryostimulation May Aid Obesity Treatment
Tirzepatide Enhances Body Composition Across All Adult Age Groups with Overweight or Obesity
Liver cell insulin resistance reversal could treat type 2 diabetes
Amsterdam UMC Study Finds Vegan Mothers’ Breastmilk Contains 2 Key Nutrients
Australians Unknowingly Suffering from High Blood Pressure Under Pressure
One in Three Americans at Greater Risk from Heavy Drinking
PSA levels after treatment: All you need to know
Seizure Discoveries Advance Development of Treatments
Advancements in Seizure Discoveries for Improved Treatments
Potency Drug Lowers Long-Term Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetes
UH Researchers Develop Breakthrough Sweat Health Monitor
UH Researchers’ Health Monitoring Device Breakthrough for Sweat
Making sure your movie snack isn’t box office bust
How to Know Your Heart Is Healthy
Endoscopic Procedure Could Eliminate Insulin Need for Type 2 Diabetes in One Hour
New program readies workers for lucrative nursing positions
Can brown fat cells combat obesity?
Research Suggests Age and Sex Affect Dieting Health Benefits
Age and sex influence health benefits of dieting
New Analysis Finds UVA Artificial Pancreas Benefits Diabetics of All Ages
First Examples of Type 2 Diabetes Deprescribing Protocols Published
Better blood sugar regulation
New Biosensor to Revolutionize Wearable Health Monitoring
High-dose Corticosteroids Linked to 60% COVID-19 Death Risk Rise in Non-invasive Oxygen Therapy Patients
Blood Sugar Molecule Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease
Chromium Nutritional Supplement Improves Blood Sugar Control by Targeting ATP Synthase
Scientists Discover Beige Fat May Impact Aging Metabolism
Test May Identify Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Sex, Drugs, and Chocolate Bowl
Engineers adapt smartphone for blood-sugar screening
£2M for Beta Cell Implant Development for Type 1 Diabetes