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Luspatercept Enables Majority of Patients with MDS to End Reliance on Blood Transfusions, ASCO Reports
Amsterdam UMC research shows bottom reached in restrictive blood transfusion policy
Surgery in womb saves tiny twin’s life
New Solution Reduces Severe Bleeding After Childbirth
Satellite Hospitals to Bring Free Healthcare Closer to Home
Tugun Satellite Hospital to Provide Free Quality Healthcare Closer to Home
Mums with SLE have double risk of premature or growth-restricted babies
Mums with SLE at Double Risk of Premature or Growth-Restricted Babies
Artificial Blood Research Makes Leaps to Enhance Product Safety and Efficacy
Tranexamic Acid Ineffective in Preventing Maternal Hemorrhage After Cesarean Delivery
IED Wounds Leave Service Members Infertile
First Transfusion of Lab-Grown Blood Cells: Why Wouldn’t You Do It?
Animal treatment to receive blood and products
Houstonians Weigh In on Bleeding Out Trauma Patient Study
Mater’s tiniest baby of 2022 has big brave heart
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of CoronaVac Effective vs. Omicron Infection
UN Experts: Unilateral Sanctions Impact Thalassemia Patients in Iran
NICU Love Story
$46M for Blood Surrogate Research: CWRU at Forefront
Harsh winter for people affected by rare cold disease
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of Vaccines Effective in Preventing Omicron Infection
Sickle Cell Disease Increases Mortality Risk for Pregnant People
Sickle Cell Linked to Higher Pregnancy Mortality Risk: Study
Link Between Sickle Cell and Pregnancy Mortality Confirmed
“Spleen-on-a-chip” yields insight into sickle cell disease
Momelotinib Yields Benefits for Myelofibrosis Patients
Genetic Tests to Improve Kidney Transplant Matches
Clinic Helps 10-Year-Old Get Back to Being Kid
Alaska Air Guard medevacs pregnant woman
Research links genetic variant to digestive disorders in patients with Chagas disease
New Jersey women who live in expensive rental neighborhoods are more likely to experience labor and delivery complications
Inducing hibernation-like state in mice can protect organs during heart surgery
Inducing hibernation-like state can protect organs during heart surgery
Saving lives in threes
Air Force reservist goes to ED with stomach pain, wakes up month and 12 surgeries later
New dialysis studies inform delivery of care, ways to improve patient outcomes
First ever clinical trial of laboratory grown red blood cells being transfused into another person underway
First ever clinical trial underway of laboratory grown red blood cells being transfused into another person
ACT UP: Alum author discusses activism in age of AIDS
Guideline on fluid management of acutely ill children
Snakes’ deadly global toll
Research reveals that life-saving intervention is not risk-free in pediatric patients
Scripps Research scientists map key protein structure of Hepatitis C virus
NHGRI project creates new educational materials for sickle cell disease community
Danicopan add-on to Ultomiris or Soliris met primary endpoint
Blood stem cell research that could change medicine of future
No harmful effects of donor iron deficiency on blood quality or donor wellbeing
Umbilical cord milking may improve health in non-vigorous term and near-term infants