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Life of Young Mom with Sickle Cell Disease Improved by New Drug
Physician-patient gender concordance may not matter in interventional practice
May 20 is fourth annual National STOP BLEED Day
Mothers can influence offspring’s height, lifespan and disease risk in unexpected ways – through their mitochondria
Researchers develop vaccine for human babesiosis
Horizontal transmission can cause severe and persistent eye inflammation
Seeing health ‘opportunities’ in post-pandemic Papua New Guinea: a UN Resident Coordinator blog
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Gambia Secures More Funds for COVID-19 Vaccines
Reverse-order heart-liver transplant helps prevent rejection for highly sensitized patients
How vaccines can help prevent cancer
Senior RAF Air Cadets Officer receives special Poppy Scotland Achievement Award
Banning all gay men from donating blood is unscientific and wrong, say AIDS research pioneers
Pregnant ICU Patient Recovers from COVID-19
New WHO report on Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 highlights strategies for its prevention and control
Chris didn’t know her back pain was a subtle sign of ovarian cancer
‘Acceptance is a big thing’: Cheryl’s story of ovarian cancer survival
A UN Resident Coordinator blog
Periodontitis increases risk of bacteria in donor blood
Researchers Find No Benefit to Higher Red Cell Transfusions in Preterm Infants
Resilient sea turtle adapts to life with missing front flipper
Disposable blood warmer helps transfusions