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Treatment for blinding blood vessel condition yields lasting vision improvement
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Cancer patients face greater risks from abdominal aneurysm repair
Bersi wins American Heart Association Career Development Award
Vision improvement is long-lasting with treatment for blinding blood vessel condition
New targets uncovered for treating hypertension-related fibrosis
Women were less likely to return to work after severe stroke, new study finds
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Doctors Fix Hole to Save Newborn Baby
Stroke cuts life expectancy by one third
Changing Channel on Stroke Treatment: Novel Technology Provides New Path to Prevent Neuronal Death
Fighting viruses is as easy as breathing
Scientists use RNA to target pancreatic beta cells
Sitting Tai Chi exercises improved recovery outcomes for older stroke survivors
A “perfect storm” of genetic mutations is behind rare sporadic brain malformations that cause stroke, seizures
Good hydration may reduce long-term risks for heart failure
Using organ-on-a-chip platform, researchers devise potential strategy to treat severe Covid complications
Identifying risk factors following ICH strokes
Method could reduce risk of brain damage, disability and death following brain haemorrhage
Mechanism underlying dopamine release in brain identified
Firefighters’ risk of irregular heartbeat linked to number of on-the-job fire exposures
Mobile Stroke Unit gives life-saving treatment to young mum
Protein protects brain cells most impacted by glaucoma
New Virtual Reality technology to repair hearts
Mechanical blood clot removal led to good recovery in half of stroke patients
Children with severe stroke may fare better if treatment includes mechanical clot removal
New computer vision system designed to analyze cells in microscopy videos
New study finds patients treated at advanced stroke centers had better outcomes
Remote blood pressure monitoring beneficial for stroke survivors in under-resourced areas
U.S. stroke rate declining in adults 75 and older, yet rising in adults 49 and younger
Stroke risk among older adults highest in first 3 days after Covid diagnosis
Scoring system helped predict stroke risk for people hospitalized with Covid
Stopping heavy bleeding with next-generation artificial platelets
Precisely opening gate to brain
Special Testing of Kidney Tissue from Deceased Covid Donor Documents Safe Transplantation of Organ, Johns Hopkins Researchers Report
Stopping heavy bleeding
How Gut Neurons Communicate with Brain to Control Thirst
Macrophages in artery wall ‘smell’ their surroundings
Cutting through hype on platelet-rich plasma
ASTRO issues clinical guideline on external beam radiation therapy for primary liver cancers
Engineered nanomaterial captures off-target cancer drug to prevent tissue damage
New light shed on potentially damaging effects of standard heart attack treatment
New learning tool: Click button and dive under skin of chemotherapy patients
Developing bioactive coatings for better orthopedic implants
UCLA gene therapy gives new life to girl born with fatal immune disorder
Poor social health predictor for cardiovascular disease